Thursday, January 22, 2009

Liang Wen Ying 梁文音

Okay, for a change, I'm gonna blog about someone else =)
This grrl, she totally mesmerised me during my trip to Taipei. Not only is she total gorgeousness, she's got one of the most beautiful voices I've heard. And many ofyou should know I'm not usually a fan of Mandarin song artistes. But her... I've heard her live, she's gooooooooooooood I tell ya. YES, good as in she sounds good, NOT OFF A CD record but LIVE =) Most ching chong female artiste NEW ONES especially, sound like CATS when they sing..She's diff, her voice's crisp, clear and hits her high notes very very well =)
THis is her..
She was a contestant in a reality competition show in Taiwan called Xin Guang Bang 2
Yup yup.. something like that.. I'm a fan of her... not her history. Alright now kids she got eliminated after Top 10... somewhere there and then somehow, I'm sure someone SAW her and her BIG voice, and now she's a happy solo artiste. Proves how sometimes, it might not be viable to actually go all that way, go through that kinda stres when you can get signed dropping out early ;)

This pic above's taken my yours sincerely. Nope, not lying, it was her promotion concerts and I happen to pass by.
On the side of my blog, I have a whole list of what my grrls call Odd/weird songs. I've added 2 of hers, which are my top playing songs on my Ipod these days. Enjoy them if you think u might have a ear for good mandarin songs.

If you can spare the time, watch this vid, finish it =) 最幸福的事

She lost her parents at ages 10 and 12. This Vid's dedicated to them. I never understood why she'll make something so draggy as her Single. But upon knowing the fact that she lost them at a young age. This vid became much more meaningful.

I don't usually blog about artiste cos even my few favs. seem to be too much drama and loads lessquality at times. She's real, only her 1st album and worth, definitely worth your while.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009