Monday, October 29, 2007

6 and learning

It's been 6 wooonderful months.. I must say, alot of ups and many downs... This song sings my feelings... when you wonder why I can't just let go.
Thank you Mr Joo

There will be much more to come.. And we're both working towards a better us cos like you've said, we're good with each other...
Carnivore @ Vivo

Muji obsessed babies

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ah lianNess =)

Can anyone... anyone tell me where I can find the final episode to Corner * With Love (Zuan Jiao Yu Dao Ai)? Been watching it on Youtube... and then.. sorta ended without ending.. sadness...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Short long weeks

Peer pressure's done it yet again! Thanks to all you peeps that's been sending me invitations to get on Facebook, I'm in!! I know, but for some reason I just can't seem to get the hang of it all, SO much and I mean SOooo much to do in that webbie!!

Some I simply have yet to have an understanding for.

Anyways, back to updated my life on earth. Er Jun my cousin's getting married and although through like what... 3 quarts of my life he's been living either in the next room or across the livingroom from me, at this very moment, it felt like we've drifted apart all these years. Concept difference seem to really have great impacts on our relationship, he's the straight Uni student while I'm the drifting scatterbrain dancer. I do love him.. oh this's him btw, the only likeness we share =)

We just looove sticking our faces in caeras!! Closer the better!!

After a week plus's drama of sending the Elementary grrls to Miss pamela at Crestar, we've finally come to a conclusion. TO have them back in our arms!!! hahahaa.. More struggles with the syllabus to come. That little announcement Mrs Simon made 2 saturdays back was like a blessing in disguise, afterwhich the grrls suddenly opened up to Mrs Simon and myself... Okay okay I told Melissa to call her up.. but still, I've never had any CONVERSATIONS with any of them in class as I've always been sorta... not talked to? Rejected's too strong a word here.. yeah..Taking over their class has to be one of the scariest teacher moments I've had so far, you feel like you're being watched under a microscope, Streeeessed can... But yes, now that feelings are spilled, we have an understanding and it feels good having them back at the C.C and it will be fun (You know... you can always torture big grrls more than the young ones).

Many important events will be unfolding over the next 7days and updates will come after.

Oh Jonathon Ang, this's a good good movie that you might enjoy.
Paprika. See what a woonderful friend I am? helping you catch up on all the beeeeautiful things you missed.. Well the rest of you should try to get hold of the DVD or something and watch too. It's Anime but on a much higher level so artsy farts with a passion to DREAM literally, go for it!!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Changes Choices

I have recently come to a conclusion that my life's a little quieter than it was this time last year. But it also made me reaalise how much more stable and happy I am at this moment. And I'm just beginning to enjoy this part of growing up. I haven't had a proper relationship with someone for such a long time now, a long term relationship that was always fun, exciting and my love for that person just doesn't fade. Thank you Mr Joo. And getting to know your family better's been the best of fun. Then comes a saying, nothing's impossible.

All theeeese were rated IMPOSSIBLE for years, now see where I am =)
  • Getting Mr Joo to love me again.

  • Getting Mr Joo's mum to accept me.

  • To be in a relationship with the love of my life.

  • And have him love me back just the same.

  • To stay in a long term relationship without all the excess drama.

  • Fantastic lover, interesting person, shared interest & taste, positive differences, fantastical sexlife ;)

  • Have a good income via my passion.

  • To dance with Miss June Lee.

  • To be able to afford myself totally.

  • Get rid of all the negative dramas that have been surrounding me for YEARS.
I have learnt to make choices this past year, I was the drama and people were just waiting to see me whither and die but right now, I'm living the time of my life. Far away from all the bitching and smashing. And thank you Li Yan for providing me with such an opportunity to make yet another choice (to growup and solve things or to bitch through walls), forcing me to grow up and stepup as a big sister. I've done pretty well I must say, the rest's up to you babygrrl.

I'm having the time of my life, although it means ALOT less going out on crazy dates, late nights, hanging out with randomly dramatically fun peeps who might spell trouble right the next minute. I take those time and exchanged it all, to slowdown and appreciate what's around me and to spend the right amount of time working on what's worth. It's alot less crazyass overdramatic irrespoinsible fun really, but thinking about what's really worth. It's all the moments I have with 'you'... that counts

5 and Growing

To All The Youss In My Life, You Have All Been Goooorgeously Wonderful.