Sunday, November 09, 2008

Food and Happiedotes

Blogging from Mr Joo's compee...
Yeap, I'm at this, for many peeps, this might be shocking, how?! But.. his mum?
I know I know... It's what the adults call 'WORK FOR IT"!! haha..

Yeap, I did, try hard, smile loads (SERIOUSLY LOADS) and take all else with stride.
And finally, she accepted me =) Pretty happy really...

Anyways, this fortnight, I've come to conclusion that my life should be alot more interesting, more going out time, more 'Yes' to hang out proposals. But it's been really really slooow.. and boring.. Work all the time. Been trying to get some happiedote.. Still no.. still waiting. Patience they say.. Fingers crossed!!

Alight alright, pause whining for abit, now for some happy thoughts. Went out to dinner today at Shoduko, City Hall. The one that resembles Marche in much ways, food.. alright.. Had Sashimi & this vinegar sauced Octopus and pickle dish for starters, some fried potatoes called.. Rosti (Came with this really cheapo looking and tasting sausage..) and some grilled beef w shrooms, Pork wrapped asparagus and grilled salmon, Mr Joo had Ell Rice. All nice... But I wouldn't specially go back there for em'. Finally, came the dessert! That was GooooooD!! Perhaps it's the kid in me acting, imagine nice ginormous flaked ice, with mango sauce, fresh cubed mangoes and jellies... GOODNESS!! haha.. Okay, bottomline, I loove it. Mr Joo had MILK Ice Cream.. It's very him, the bare minimum.
Would I go back there? Eh... Perhaps.. for the dessert and some other stuff I haven't tried. But accoring to Mr Joo, the Rosti @ Marche's far better compared to there.
But NOTHING, yes NONE of the desserts in Marche can beat the mango hill (As I'll call it).
Totalled to about 70plus bucks for the both of us.. we had about.. 6 ala carte dishes? Yup and that includes appitisers and dessert.
Oooo.. went to happy ice cream place after looong stroll, will update soon!!

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Friday, November 07, 2008


On my Playlists:

My moods,
When I'm in one,
When I feel one...

"So What" by PINK
"Your Call" by 2nd hand Serenade
"Lucky" by Jason Mraz Ft. Colbie Caillat
"Your Body is Wonderland" by John Mayer
"Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds
"I Hate This Part Right here" by Pussycat Dolls

My actions become blur after they've been executed. I have no idea why, how. Fuck...
Is it all even real. Nope, don't think so. Good things happen if it all is.

"We'll swim in a deep sea of blankets"

I love young and irresponsible. To death and back I loooove.

"I don't trust myself"

One thing I HATE, absolute so fuckin'ly, SILENCE. Hate the word, how it happens, the way it crashes people's worlds, the way people execute em' fuckin' cruel.

"Who do you love.?
Me? Or the thought of me?"

I sat, I stared, typed, then I cried... Fucking Loser


Feelin' a Tad Jaded... I'll be fine, always am, always will be..

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Words that lifted my cheeks today:

Karma or not..
if you stick to it and shower it with love,
one day it'll all grow for you.
Gina Cai

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