Monday, October 22, 2012

Intended "Accident"

I've always loved Lomography, something about not knowing first hand, how it's all gonna turn out fills one's excitement cup to the brim.

And recently, thanks to the glorious breakup with Mr. L, yours truely was allowed more time with a few others that mattered.

Ogre boy being one of them, graciously made an album, circling around my vanity, as well as my hate of being photographed alone.

Here are some personal favs:

 I looooove how climbing reminds me so much of dancing.
 I love how this over lapping worked out for the picture
 Over exposed prata face
 Personal fav. No face needed.
 And finally, here's the boy who made it all possible. Thanks and love much!!

Mourning over your loss is a process.
But when much positive is gained through that loss.
Then perhaps,
It was no loss at all.

But an intended "accident".

Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Nice

It's okay
You clingy mammal.

Latch on and don't let go,
I will be your anchor.

< 3

2:32AM - Monday - Oct 15 

Monday, October 08, 2012

Dear time

Feeling under the weather,
Hence this entry.

Spent the past 7 days trying to shut off and down.
Thinking viciously about not thinking,
I'm still unsure of what I've lost.

Thanks to the wonderful people I have surrounding me,
Left me with one single wonder...

Why am I not getting my gramophone back?
I can use some rewind on that piece of past technology,
and imagine a time when I did not exist.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Spider Pig

Of late, 
a new love is found, 
when I'm at it,
 I feel my strongest, 
both mentally and physically.


Taught me many things about myself.
Things not necessarily new,
But absolutely reassuring to know I still possess.

"There's always that little bit left inside you to finish that last move, Just have to find it."

"Your mind can do so much more damage than your body."

Really wish my body can sustain more sessions. Cause as of now, my swollen joints, and overpumped arms are keeping me from my soul food. =(