Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's been a bittersweet month,
To summarise things:

  • Took up tennis but realised that I totally suck at it, I can't so the strokes well, only serve...

  • With Kiyoshi and he's totally HOT at it. JealousNess...

  • 3rd lesson cancelled due to stupid rain... GOD...

  • Went to the airport to send an ex-sec sch mate as Kiyoshi's grrlfriend (Sweet)
  • But totally rejected by the rest of his pals (Arses) .....Jokin' Jokin'...... Teehee
  • Mr Joo and I had quite a few fights this month =(

  • Realised and refreshed how much this meant to me in this short 4weeks.

  • Mr Joo started school & I was totally motherhen about it shopping for his stationaries at MPH

  • Found out that MPH Parkway's closing (Closing Down Sale peeps).... SADNESS

  • Mr Seah had a minor ear operation. **Ouch

  • Attended XiaoYan's BB Jayden's babyshower... sweet

  • Been planning for a short trip, hopefully in August Fingers XXX

  • We became 3month old babies with a beautiful dinner at Ma Maison's =)
(Wonderful place peeps) must try!!

The 3month babies @ Ma Maison

  • He made me a card with another card inside ;P
  • I'm an official member of the Kiyoholic Ministry (Where what can't be cured, is further indulged)
  • I'm dedicated to trying all squidink pastas I can get my hands on in Singapore :D
  • Thank you Mr Joo, it's been the sweetest 3months in my life and I'm looking forward to alot more with you...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Yays...!!!

List of grrlies I loove that just upgraded to mummy status:

The graceful Edna, baby Brandon
The cuteness Xiao Yan, baby Jayden

Aren't they the most adorableNess? =)

Back to me... Mr Joo and I just got pass our 2nd month, hmmmmm.... what have we accomplished? Met his mum, his sister, her boyfriend and his mum probably thinks I'm dumb cos she caught me during one of my "Tiptoed" moments... Well well.. some things you'll just have to swallow and carry on like it's all good. Here's a few pictures, got him a pair of Yoshis, although he took them with a smile, I could tell it wasn't the bestest of gifts... but well... Also baked a few cupcakes, suppose to be a suprise, but due to time constrains, didn't work out that well. So yeah... Planning to quit Crestar as I'm kinda pulling myself a little too thin... wanna still take this few years to keep learning while I still can afford the time and flexibility.

Yoshis in their Box =)

2 Hopes:

I wanna be able to say 'that' monthly.

Wanna have one of my own.

Monday, July 02, 2007

One of my own

Maybe the time's not right,
Not my turn,
Just no luck...
That little palm,
That little face.
Not everyone needs to have a ring wrapped around their finger to be happy.
A rock to weigh you down.
I just want a little life.
Given so I can hold and call my own.
It's not all that hard for most close to me.
But why so for me?
Evereyone's getting theirs,
Accidents that turn into fairytales,
Bliss that just keep growing.
Looking forward to what might happen,
My life's almost perfect now,
It's perfect for this point of time, really.
Give me that little something.
Perhaps it's just not meant to be,
I'll try harder,
Slapped in the face every month.
Maybe the time's not right.
Maybe it's just not gonna be mine...