Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jog and tamps =)

I went JOGGING today!!! hahaha..

Quite happening really, at first I was pretty confident of a short short distance from my place to Causeway Point... Nope, not that easy. I got there of course, timing wasn't too bad for a no longer jogger person, got there within 10 mins, problem was by the time I got there.. I was almost dying, plus the very fact I'm still in the recovery process of a gorgeous case of FLU and cough.. Gosh, if not for all the other pedestrians that kept me going (cannot disgrace myself you see, if I stopped jogging half way up the looooooooooooong covered walkway, imagine what peeps will think).

And yes, I did plan to jog there to get myself a nice cup of cold, refreshing bubble tea =)
After which I walked for abit in the mall, thinking that'll be the end of my GangHoNess..Noooo!!

Somehow a part of me said, let's do it again!! Before coming back for groceries!! And yes, I did. This time I jogged towards the hill near my home, went up all those steps!! My goodness... it didn't seem that tall!! And then.. I did what I always do, LOSE MY WAY.. hahaha.. so I spent the next 15mins jogging around a nearby Woodlands something neighbourhood and finally found the stadium and my sense of direction kicked back in to get me to the mall once more.

Walked through the door looking like a fresh fully riped peach (Think peach after a slight tan), not smelling like one of course, I ran into my Secondary school pal Li Juan, she was going to her boyfriend's, stood and spoke for abit. Like I haven't seen her AT ALL for the past what.. 7years? Fancy running into an old pal looking like me.. super unglam can.. Well, that's that.

Went to the supermarket, bought bit of groceries then to Watsons. Although many would label it as "Auntie Paradise" I tend to really enjoy my visits there, almost everything I walk into one, I come out satisfied with a few found deoderant or a new brand of something I can test out. And yes, the POINT of this entry =D Females!! Read close, keep your eyes peeled as I present:
Moxie Tampons!!

They come in the cutest packaging I've seen!! It's one of the very few things I took less than a moment to decide that I'm gonna bring it home with me =)
PINK candy stripes, precious precious looking.
And as for many of you whom might not already know, I don't enjoy the visual effects and aftermaths of PADS... GORYness's the only word to discribe, not to say the rashes that comes along due to the damp... Eeeeeeeeew!!! Okay, enough of my whining, back to the subject.

Tampons ROCK!! they're the bestest inventions for ladies ever ever!!
In the box are two tins, Also candy striped in the same tone with black ribbon details, can you get any prettier?!?! The moment I opened the pack, I felt loooved, majorly by whomever that came up with this design... Designed condom tinpacks are NOTHING Compared to this grrls!! They're still for the enjoyment of the other sex, but these, they are the little touches that makes us grrls feel like that few special days of the month aren't too bad afterall, looking so chic and all =)

They then loovingly place in each tin 8 Regular Tampons, with Super and Minis coming in two other colours, Blue and a Peachy tone. Also cute, but PINK's the bestest when it comes to me. That's NOT the end of it's gorgeousness, each tampon's wrapping's got it's signature black ribbon loovingly printed on it. Goooodness!!! And something I loove?? They are metal, so if at any point after trying out the tamps and you don't quite enjoy them in comparisn ti you OB ones, just use the tins cos after confirmation, they are the SAME SIZE, thus every tin will alsoo fit 8 of your loving OB tamps =) So grrls, go get them!!!Moxie also has daytime panty liners "Scanty Pant Lines" and Night ones "Sleepovers" how can you resist?!?!? Every item comes gorgeously packed.Just so we still feel looved at the very moments out other halves find it hard to understand and comprehand.. Go here:

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's sad when people you know become people you knew,
When you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life,
How you used to be able to talk for hours and how now you can barely even look at them.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grownup disappointing life


Went out shopping just a couple days back and saw headphones... yea... those babies I shipped. Pretty dampen by the harsh fact many others already has it.. and many more are GONNA HAVE em' makes me wanna hit myself in the head. Should have done abit more sniffing around. But the consoling part is that they didn't have my colour on the rack. They never did, that's the goooood part.

Thank god no one loves PINK the way I do. =)

Happy Birthday Jon, you're old and stuck in glooomland, come back soon!!

Need a ticket out of this place.. really.
It's been a year, I'm sick of this me, wanna flip into my holiday jumpies and hop off else where. It's been too long.
Peeps around me know so well, that every other time I open my mouth, it's about giving myself a bloody break. Yes, I want one, BADLY.

Wen't over to Adelina's and spent some good ol' besties time together. Well, although most of it we were in front of seperate screens playing vers 1 and 2 of the same game. It was fun, having her make me food and then vise versa.
Also, to have your bestie constantly whining about her chikens dying, excessive amounts of pigs she owned..hahhaa.. Ooooo ooo here's the good stuff,
Ada couldn't get her head around the fact that the "bear" attacking her farm dearest was a PANDA. There was a point she kept screaming, Polar in my farm!!! Why's there a Polar in my farm??! And it got me confused as I played that version and it never had a polar.. Yeap.. my bestie for ya. Now you noe why we compliment each other so?

Oh, another fact of the day, yours truely spent 12 bucks on prune juice, pretty Atas Prunes they are.. Organic's another plus. Yup, that's how much I love you.

Crap it's 4:51AM and I'm stuck here.. taking liberty in the fact that I DON'T have to work on a TUESDAY!!! No cross country to Bedok... No long day. very very very very COOL I tell you. Shall be sitting home and enjoying the couch. =D

Till then.. It shall be enjoyment of my bed. Wish you were here.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The REAL thing

You were seeing it from a saved picture file on a shopping site..


For the REAL THING =)
My PINK baby's HERE!!!
Warm from the loving sd card of my phone.. low quality but highly loooved pics of her =) Or them..haha. they're twins right? Right...?! Well hope you got that one.. Enjoy!!
It was a loong journey
My baby!!!!! =D

Now I just pray they'll fit my Ipod.. hahaa.. Time to look Poseur Cool...muauahahaha

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Words that lifted my cheeks today:
"At times, doing a good job is like wetting your pants in a dark suit, you get a warm feeling but no one else notices."


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Headphones plus a little piece of me

I bought em' headphones, headphones very coool, flying from UK, all the long way here!!! Can't wait for my new pink baby to get here.
As shoppaholics say: If you can't get them in your nearby shops, FLY EM' Buggas in!!
I get confused by questions like:
Jiaying, how many times do you shop a week?
Do you think you're overspending?
How do you save up? Shopping so much...?
Answer to those questions:
After some thought...
More thinking..
I'm FEMALE, thus very VERY VERY good at multi tasking.
That's how I can do all three and handle them well =D
I shop everyday
Might be overspending
But I still manage to find money to save & study.
Pretty sure I'm not alone, many ladies out there reading this must be nodding their heads.
Feeling totally connected with my last paragraph.
I just realised I hate teaching people who keep saying I cannot, can't, no, impossible to do.
Ballet's not an artform for the weak minded. And if you wanna be a dancer, you must learn to say YES to change, challenges and pain.
Cos only with a willing, healthy, strong mind can you then engage the dancer within.
If not..?
It's no use THINKING you're good.
Believing is a great start to many journeys,
But you must learn to be flexible and to be acceptive along the way when you're corrected..
Cos sad to say,
in every beLIEve/beLIEF
There's a LIE
And LIEs can't last you through your journey..
Every believe/belief you've held close might just end up being not good enough or even plainly
just a lie.
So don't get too caught up in your beliefs/believes cos they really really SLOW YOU DOWN
as a student.
And as I've always said, to make a good teacher,
you must 1st learn to be a good student/learner.
Every time I step into a studio with someone who holds more experience than I do,
I tune down my teaching knob & run my learning gear at full.
Do you?

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Mamma Mia

Alright alright, so people do read this stuff I write.. haha.. Thanks for the lurrve.. Here goes abit of nothing..
Watched Mamma Mia. Verdict?LOOOOVED IT!!!
Well there were scenes where I thought maybe Meryl Streep was singing abit too much and really really.. Hearing & watching Pierce Brosnan sing...Nevermind sing.. love songs, serenading songs.. but dancing.. in..Tights... Now That's trippy. Truthfully I thought Sophie (Amanda) was alittle too cute for her fiancee... really. Loooove the HippieNess of the whole show.. the dresses were just gorgeousness. And totally looove the messy undone hair that Donna(Meryl) & Sophie(Amanda) wore through the show.. One of the many oddball moments when Mr ex-007 serenades Donna (meryl)
But really I must must say, Amanda Seyfried really amazed me by how unblonde she can be.. seriously, those of you who've watched Mean Girls will know exactly what I'm talking about. She's simply transformed and I'm pretty sure she'll never be labelled "Blonde" after this show, plus her crisp voice enchanted me.. I like.. i like..

Amanda Seyfried as Karen in movie "Mean Girls"

On the other hand.. HOW CAN COLIN FIRTH END UP GAY!?!?!? I was all shrivelled up in my seat towards the end of the show. But overall, I give this show 9/10. Losing that one point to the fact that Meryl Streep sang a tact too much (which was slowing down the show quite abit in the cliff scene) in comparisn to Amanda, thought I'd hear more of her in the movie.
Now compare time...
Mamma Mia vs HairSpray = MAMA MIA!!
Mamma Mis vs Moulin rouge = MAMA MIA!!

I still strongly feel Amanda's voice's better than Nicole Kidman, although she's tops when it comes to acting and etc. etc. but really.. Nic can't sing too well... yup, hate me but that's my opinion and you're reading MY BLOG...haha Night before wedding Party scene
Thought this was far more fun in comparisn to Hairspray and I kinda like the fact that like a real musical, anyone and EVERYONE was singing, even the helpers. Instead of having someone singing on the streets and the rest of the world just don't seem to be affected or even kmow of her existence.. Moulin Rouge was just way sad for my taste... the main dying and all, not really my cup of tea.

For those of you who haven't got the chance/time to see this movie, do it cos it'll really make your day, it's light hearted, funny and upbeat. In this time of stock/financial crisis, this is one of my top choices of movies to watch this Autumn to put everyone's mood in the right place, all ready for holiday, enjoyment and christmas =)

So yes, put 10bucks aside this weekend as I highly recommend you watch this in the theatre with many other random people, BIG SCREEN and surround yourself with blasting music rather than a small computer screen at home with sucky sound and resolution. It's worth, trust me. Put on your shiny 60's tights if you have to and tap to the beat.

Yup so now you know, my latest, favourite movie musical.Amanda Seyfried (Sophie)
Thanks for reading!!
Till then..

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Monday, October 06, 2008


I loooove Me too much
It's been what.. a month since my last entry? Yeap... Been pretty long, not like it matters much, this is no regularity spot. The past month's been.. well.. life changing.

Well for what it's worth, I've learnt quite abit about myself and my new found likes and my forsakenly long list of dislikes.

What to do when bored indoors: Relive momentsof movies, in this instance 'SHUTTER'

I loooove being me, wouldn't wanna change much for the world.. NOTE: Much... haha..

Yup, thus I don't expect people acting oddball.. Trying to fit into my already populated world. Why can't peeps just be themselves? No noooo.. not saying I'm Little Miss Coolness here, but you know that annoying few that would start acting alike, try parallel their thoughts with yours.. So on.. yeap, you know who I'm refering to.. And trust me, if you find one of those around you.. You'd understand how that rolls... shiiiiit...

Plus plus... additions to my life isn't new, it's what I've lost this month... I hate it when people lie.. I'm a bitch but only cause that way, I can say almost anything I need to and minimise on the lying.. Hate guilt trips..

Hurts when someone tells you "Gina, I think it's for the better if you'd just slowly fade away, away from his life" Fcukshit... how to disappear!?? Plus, if anyone knows me, I hold every possible friendship close, not tight, but close.. My belief is, all reasonably good ex boyfriends should be friends. Cos many of them started off as my friends so why lose that just cos something more didn't work out yea? BUT NOOOO!!!

Fine then... have it your way. I'll just have to find new pals to cover that slot.

On the other hand, Mr Joo and I are good.. not great yet, but good, the usual, I'm the dramaMAMA, we argue, fight.. But it really boils down to Krusty loving Miss Hippo..

Our 16th

This great words havent been heard much after I graduated from Lasalle but now they're back... Revenge it must be, didn't do enough to lose much when I was asked to in the past, now it's due.. crap.. But good note is that losing weight means performance... No no.. not the great contemp or anything wonderous. Something small with the Crestar peeps to keep my body rolling..

Ooooo!!! Christmas's COMING!!! Counting down to the fake snow at the doorstep of malls and the overdone lights in town... but yeap, it's still the warmest, coolest, wetest time of the year which will mark our 20th month. Fingers Crossed as they were..

I love my bestie, she loves me and if the world of seasonal friends fall apart, she'll be the only one for me, no one else...
Oooo and I love you Nithiyanathan.. Don't pierce her anymore if you see this.

Caught Red Pawed..

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