Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Friday

27th of November 09

Park Royal Hotel
Mrs Betty Tilley's memorial.
She was an icon of inspiration for many.
And made learning and teaching of the CSTD syllabus possible for many asian countries.
Many attended the memorial, including Mrs Simon and myself.
She will be deeply missed and her vision for dance shall live on, just like each of our memories of her.
Loads of senior teachers were present, Miss June Lee, Miss Ledi and of course, many young ones like myself, Tricia. To my pleasant surprise, Dan and Mun Wai were also there. Was able to do abit of catching up with Mun towards the end of the memorial.

Mrs Richards, my TC examiner was also there, managed to steal a frame with her in the mids of all the photo-taking they were doing.

Here, I'd like to thank her once again for allowing me to perform my best during my TC examination and agreeing to examine me on her only off-day.

See you in March Mrs Richards!

After which, I braved Bugis and Suntec in my 4.5" heels in attempt to fully utilise my Friday evening =)

They ended up giving just one blisted on the inside of my right foot (after hours of walking!)'s shoes have proven to be pretty comfy. I left home at 3.30pm and got back at 10pm.

Upon getting back, I took sometime to check out my phone's camera features =)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Butt connection

We went "studying" at Starbucks... Yup, as expected, we sat for a couple at Pastamania instead (Bitching bout everything and people we know under our blueish sky). Then after we finally got to the cafe and found a seat, my loovely Ka-Cheng (Butt) prompted a Skype session. And Skype we did!!! Well done us!! Ooo.. Here's the very loovely she btw.. Time spent can't be better... With all the stupid things that only we can accomplish.

Okay Yan, mine's not as BIG as yours in your blog. Butttt!!! Your face was in the cam.. hahaa.. fair game I'd say!!! Well done!! Nyways, enjoy peeps.. Many hearts

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Monday, November 23, 2009

21st Nov 09

More than 24hours since I did my TC examination with Mrs Richards.
So far so good,
I've been feeling great this whole post-examination period.
Was super nervous about the whole exam, but luckily, I could answer all the questions she popped.
It's bloody scary,
she asked Martin (Mr. Pianist) to come in right at the beginning of the exam...
Woohoo.. I thought... I'm gonna totally embarrass myself in front of a friend... Then, the not so bad happened.
Martin was tabbing this PSP half the time he wasn't required. Which was pretty cool, rather that than him staring at me during my questionaires....
Then came the dancing part. Did okay, seriously, only OKAY... I'm not what I use to be (sadly) leg's not as high... But overall, she's still happy.

At the end of the examination, I was told that I had used alot of "Young vocabulary" Some she even wrote down to use herself when she goes back. And generally she was very happy with my performance and my HAPPY MANNER while teaching my kids. That's good to know.

This exam's passing is so much more than just another certification, it's when someone comes in, a person who's seen many others teach, tells you that you're on the right track and more. It gives me such a sense of fulfillment knowing that all the teaching, coming up with new exercises and new ways to teaching technique to kids of different age groups has paid off. All that time spent worthwhile.

Happy to say, after the 21st of November 2009, me, Cai Jia Ying has become a certifide ballet teacher, although it's CSTD and not RAD, it is a new syllabus I have grown to love, having to teach it this few years has allowed me to look deeper into it's beauty. Nope, not another Pro-RAD teacher. I've learnt them both as a student and now taught them both, I have respect for both syllabi and will only continue to further myself to one day be able to work out a system that'll include both systems when teaching my grrls.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to me

Been soo tired lately,
seriously, not being emotional, but I've been crossing my norm-line way too many times this month. Had bigtime meltdowns, confronted people and things that I'd never imagine myself speaking up to/about. This Saturday's THE day, if I fail, everything I worked hard on this past 2 years plus will go down the drain, almost like they've never happened. It's super scary thinking about the possibility of me failing, cause I'm not the surest about some of my graded work. Hopefully I'll be able to teach as per normal in front of Mrs Richards and do well enough for her to not want to fail me. Just passing is something I've always hated since I got out of academic school. But now, I find myself back to that very spot (in a negative way). I need to do this, after which, I'd love to just disappear, perhaps find something suitable, better, all for myself, thinking about no one else. Speaking to musicians never seem so useful up to today. 2 in one evening and both gave me that little little glimps of what might be possible.

Found Working Holiday, seems like something I'd need. Basically if I can just pay off my CBTS semester, I'm gonna go M.I.A. 3 simple letters that my bestie use to use SO much on me due to the amount of times it happens. These are 3 letters that use to make me happy, very very happy. To not care about ANYONE and just go away with things I'd love (yeap, I don't even need company) how fun... Looking forward to the next time I can do that. Ryan talked about Aussie summer.. sounds pretty good working as a waitress and having no responsibilities for abit. REALLY tempting. Well well.. If I can successfully pay off my fees and bills for next month. Aussie warmth-ness, here I come.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Narrow hearted bitches.

Whining session. Here goes.

I had a friend, yeap, HAD. Called Ogre and he's being a total arse by deleting not just my comments, but the whole thread everytime I comment on his status. And this has been the case since he got this girlfriend. Fuck, okay yes, he was my ex, but we broke up waaaaay, seriously waaaay long ago and have stayed friends since then. And about a year back, he got her and everytime they went through shit, Donkae and I will be there. But things got better between them and it was said that part of the deal was to not see me. OMG, imagine the draaama!!

And I have done nothing the whole bloody time. SHIT!!! Okay, haven't seen him in a million years and I realised a couple of days back that he was deleting his status, after like 10 others had commented, the moment my comment approved, there it went, straight down the chute like nothing ever happened. And wanting to test things out again this evening, just as I expected.
Feels fucked up and over that friends can behave this way. I don't mind haters if I have done them wrong or rather if they'd known me enough to hate me, FINE!! Go ahead with a SMILE on my face. But she did not know me, at all.

This's isn't even the 1st of it's case. Damn.... And people will be amazed to hear that this's the only one of the lot that's of a male counterpart. Mostly, I have female friends who'd delete contacts and give me the drama cause they've chosen to date my ex-s... How nice.. I gave them blessings and it all end up in shattered shits. People just don't understand, I broke up with that person, stayed close enough hanging out budds for a reason, cause they weren't ideal for relationship, but great pals. Fucking narrow hearted bitches. And really, if they've been my friend and nothing more for years before you happened, shouldn't that already prove something?? Fucking emotionally twisted. Thanks.