Monday, June 28, 2010

I dressed,

I queued,

I waited and waited...

I completed the stages.


It's another wait.

Hope it will all pay off really soon..

Please end my agony

Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 days

Gorgeousness in 3s!!!
3 fun-filled days!!

Day 1:

Thursday, windy clouds with streaks of sunshine =)

Went out to PIXAR @ Science Centre with Mr Joo. FUN!! Seen quite abit of behind the scenes for a few of my favorite Cartoons =)

What fascinated me the most was the Zoetrope, where they have 3-D figurines of the characters in motion, lined up on a round board, spinning at one round per second and with the help of synchronizing strobe lights, tricks the human eye into thinking the characters are actually moving around the board!! SUPER COOL!

Okay, I know, yo uhave no idea how to place all of that into your brain and churn up an imaginative video of your own, thoughtful me has done that for you via magical Youtube. (try to finish this video as it strobe light stops towards the end to show you the spinning board which eventually stops, showing the characters in the different position!)

Nice right?? Now, please go see it! The exhibition ends 27th June!! 7 more days!!
20 Years of animation, PIXAR @ Science Centre

We were so fascinated and inspired by PIXAR, we both came to the conclusion that we had to catch Toy Story 3 in 3-D of course. We headed to Marina Square, where I caught a Yoshi Plushie for Mr Joo with 4bucks!! Suuuper happy and proud =D
Then came movie time, cuddling Yoshi and our popcorn, we marched into the theater and awaited this sequel to yet another famous
"This movie was what 3-D was made for" hype.

BUT!! It was really the story line that left us with a strong lingering aftertaste of warmth and happiness when we left the theatre.
I even said to Mr Joo that if this was the last of the Toy Story sequels, then it was THE perfect ending for a decade old cartoon. In real, compare this to Shrek 3, I'd watch this a milllion times over!

Day ended with a good ol' dinner @ boon Tong Kee, it was pretty late hence we had to hike down to the Balestier Branch.

Day 2:

Sunny with trees moving breeze

Mr Joo had to work, I met up with Miss Ting Chow to go shopping @ City Plaza, where, very gladly, I found this skirt I've been eyeing from one of the blogshops and got it at a FRACTION of the price!!

Think Blogshop = 1 for SGD26
City Plaza = 1 for SGD 20, 3 for SGD10 each!!

Woooh... what a diff.!!
But I was lucky cause Miss Ting Chow liked the design as well and we thought perhaps Miss Goh'll like it, hence we bought it at wholesale price of SGD10.
Like super cheap can!?!? Imagine how much the Blogshop owners are earning!!
Then again, to ensure you'll get what you want at the lowest possible price, you MUST head down to City Plaza ONLY when you gather a bunch of grrlies who has similar dress sense.
(And wouldn't mind ending up with a quarter of their wardrobe similar to yours.. Haha)

BUT!!! Looking at the prices above, even if I bought just the one piece, it'll still be 6 bucks cheaper than purchasing it online, I'm happy =)

Sorry, no pictures from the shopping trip (Busy shopping lar)

Post dinner activity with Kaori and Clarence was pictated!!
Went bowling with the 2 and it was FUN!! =)

These were what we were up against.
Rawker wanna-be and his cheery O' grrlfriend

Miss Joo taking her throw

Happy kids at midnight

Day 3,
I lurve short Saturdays!! =)
Went City Square JB with Mr Joo and I tried Kim Gary restaurant for the 1st time.
Since I've heard sooo many good reviews on that place, and Mr Joo has been more than excited to have me try their food, I went, tasted and still, would much much prefer my long time favourite
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng 旺角茶餐厅

Btw, you can dine at both Hong Kong eateries at a fraction of what you'd pay in their Singapore Branch if you travel up to JB, City Square. Kim Gary's down in basement 1 while Wong Kok's on Level 3, within in the 'Inner City' hahaa.. it's just a tiny Far East Plaza like space within the mall itself.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Happening right NOW!!! Paddle Pop rain watching =)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Hey ladies!!! Most of you should already know I'm an avid online shopper.. Anyways, my grrl Xin just started her very own Blogshop. Thing to LOOVE is the fact that their items aren't overprice and with gorgeous dresses for summer it's the prrrfect place to shop!! Take a lookie!
Enjoy!! =D

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Someone told me
"Jia Ying, it's IMPOSSIBLE to make everyone happy.
In life, you can only pick the few that matters and raawk their world."

And in return,
They'll SPARKLE your world

Monday, June 07, 2010

Pink Wall Diaries: Kiyo & Yo

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bow Completion

Take the one, expensive step Jia Ying, COMPLETE YOUR PINKIE!!!! =D
Alright! I shall!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Compromising Ballet Teachers' Sanity