Thursday, December 30, 2010


When all else seem weak and crumbling,
YOU are your personal superhero...

Here's to looking forward...

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Memorable Munich

This is for my trip to Munich, Germany.
Trip where floral seem to miss their blooms...
Then again.. It was a trip not to be forgotten.

Met soooooo many gorgeous peeps with pure awesomeness in their blood =)

Trip started off with a train ride and walk through town
(Where we lost a few of the bunch)

Followed by dinner @ this German Pork Knuckle joint.. Which we majorly anti-crave after having it.. haha.. like ever

Next time it'll be like "German pork knuckle?" NOoooo!!!!

Fucking suuper uber fuuber tough!
It was like a major sword fight (Us Vs Pork knuckles) before anyone got through the skin and to the meat...
Kudos to Adam who knew NOT to order knuckle...

Outside the restaurant and so hungry, EVERYONE with a camera started snapping pictures of them knuckles on the rotary BBQ... kuku

Here's me with the knuckle anyways..

Super Xite BEFORE I started the knuckle duel. Side note, they were SO FREAKIN' GIANORMOUS.. we only had half a knuckle each..

The side feature was somecabbage salad which tasted much like a milder version of sauerkraut, they were awesome.. I cleared my bowl =P **YUM**

Linda and Rachel with their Malty goodness =P

Jason and I decided to share a pretzel since we could not finish one individually... and ended up transforming a few of the diners into PRETZEL PEOPLE!!





And finally, yours sincerely

Awesome bunch I told ya...

Anyways, after that, we decided to head back to town for some shopping before everything closed for the day (Which was like freakin' 6pm by the way) Lazy buggies...

During which, Jason and I were so busy annoying each other, we got stranded...
And on the way to the Swarovski Store, we found some gorgeousness and tried some things.. New...

Like this "GluWein". It's basically warmed red wine.. which tasted.. well.. like red wine but smoother in my opinion. Not my thing at all

While we were struggling to finish our cup of GluWein, some other peeps were having GluWein with a cube of sugar on the side and while the sugar burnt, rum is slowly added for more heat.. Woah... Jason BLUSHED after just one sip... Hahhahaaa..
Here it is:

Finishing half the cup of GluWein, we headed further for a cuppa GOOd ol' Hot Schocolatte.. AWESOME!!! But so freakin' ex can.. The cup I'm holding in my FB profile pic (Amsterdam) costs Euro1.5 And this one in the cutesey cup like Euro3 can... piangs...
Okay, STOP being an aunty!

During our stranded-ness, we also found a whole bunch of X'mas trees for sale! Damn cool can..
and really, for the first time in my Quart of a century life-span, Fresh Misoltoe!!!

Here's him making out with it...

A park we chanced upon... whoot!! It's like being on a movie set... Goorgeous
Snow piled up, nakey trees...

This is THE reason for my Burberry boots! My UGGs got drenched!!

AWESOME Mercedes-AMG-SLS!!! Woohooo!!!

Found the Swarovski shop where I bought a pen for Christmas exchange.. which lucky lady will get it? Hmmm.. ;)

We stood outside the clock tower which was totally awesome and grand looking and with my feet in the snow, we listened to people carol with the rest of the crowd.. totally Christmassie can...

After which, we found the rest, and we headed back to the hotel, the same way we came...

Day 2,

After much contemplation, and determination, we planned a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp.

Eye opener this one...

I was never much of a history kid and if I could, I'd sleep through history lessons during my secondary school time.. But this one.. Hitler is seriously a SS-Man (Sick-Smart man)
The things the soldiers and doctors did to the people (Jewish) in this camp.. Scary...

A few of us paid Euro 3.5 for an Audio Guide and here's us being touristy with our guides...

Here's the entrance to the camp... imagine the thousands who lost their freedom, some their lives upon entrance through this gate...

Physical layout of the camp site:

If you can (Please use your imagination) between every black line in this picture is a long house, each one divided into rooms, like the one in the next pictuure and in every one of them lived thousands of people who had to "Work for freedom" Absolutely untrue...

There was long house no. 9? I think.. Which was a brothel for the peeps, so they would "re-produce" GAWD.....

Roll call area.. Imagine standing here in the middle of winter with nothing more than your PJs on

Walking pass the long houses and along the fence and watch towers that guarded the area

Between the road we were on and the fence that stretched all around the site was a ditch approx 2m wide and once you crossed the prohibited zone, you'd be shot. Some prisoners would run into the border strip on purpose to put an end to their suffering...

Crossing the bridge over running water, we came to the "Krematorium" which was used to store and eventually rid of dead bodies of prisoners.

Here, we also saw the gas chamber of which many lives were put to an end without them even realizing...
Here's a video of my walk through the "Krematorium" do pause and go to read the writings =)

Okay, more on the Gas Chamber. As they did not want to go through the hassle of having to force prisoners into the gas chamber due to fear of death, the prisoners would have been informed that they'll be taken to a room to be "Showered", hence the "Shower Room", a room with shower heads built into the ceiling (Visually tricking the prisoners) and openings in the wall, where the soldiers would drop the toxic gas from the outside of the buiding, killing everyone in the room, quietly, easily.
Smart right?! In the video, you'd realise that there is a waiting room next to the "Shower room" where other prisoners would wait to enter... Imagine standing there, thinking you're going for a shower... =(

AFter the trip to the "Krematorium", we strolled back to the gallery where we had a visual and audio tour to round up our trip there...

Here's more of their living condition...

Imagine hundreds of men living in these matchbox sized beds.. it became so overcrowded just before liberation of the camp that men were found literally sleeping on top of one another...

Toilet for the hundreds...

Going into Dachau in the middle of winter made it gloomy.. really gloomy... And it made me wonder.. how can one man find a place in his heart to do all that they've done to another?
Doctors would use healthy young men for their experiments, hoping to achieve breakthrough on medical grounds..

We watched videos made during that time, of bodies piled up, naked, striped of every last dignity, waiting to be cremated only cause they had no place else to dispose them.
Pictures of mother holding their children, queueing up for their "Shower"
And before and after pictures of men who went through the medical experiments...

History wowed me today and I hope that through my eyes and Iphone 4 lens, you too got a taste of what got us here today...
The liberty we each hold today, thanks to the people that suffered to path the way.

Anyone who ever gets the chance to Munich should take a walk there.. you won't regret it I promise

Okay, back to the awesome trip....

Last evening in Munich,

we strolled to a nearby pasta/ pizza place near our hotel and dined there...
Waiter was FUCKING rude..

But food was alright and here are some pictures for memory:

Linda and Emily with their warm soups

Marina being awesome fun as usual...

Marina aka Sadako

Boys happy with their malty drinks

I had lasagna which was nice and crispy on the outside and goooooeey goodness on the inside =)

Went to the Christmas market nearby and here are part of the experience!
Had to try the infamous curry-wurst, YUMS

Sausage/ salami dude

Awesome roasted chestnuts!! Whooots!

Coloured eggs from the supermarket

Damage done, my BurBerry Rainboots for future winters

Yup! here's to Munich!! And thank you for an awesome pre-christmas trip!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Whine Some MORE

No matter how I twist, tilt and flip...
My life still seems abit Boo-ish.

Fucking Sian... Why huh?!

That's it, next month, it's about spending that 700 bucks n re-rawking my fucked up world.
Looking forward to the 16th, 29th.

I wanna be a UK small 8
Fucking seriously, please just complete my bow so I can shoot, it's so stupid that my 2k is sitting in a box and collecting dust between it's strings.

I wanna SHOP. Like, buy things.. Things I WANT, not NEED.

Imiss myself.
Where are you?!
Sometimes I wish for gorgeousness...

Like me...

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Friday, December 10, 2010


A couple of conclusions after looking at what my dear Lynn has uploaded on FaceBook

1: I literally don't shut up when I teach. EVER.

2: I miss my ladies...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

6th December the not-so-awesome

Although I didn't get my bitty wants,
I got loads more..
And got to spend time with those that mattered..

Pretty upset that my tummy got rawked inside out thanks to I Don't know what food.. Had to stay in the whole of December the 6th this year...
Thank you Quart of a century!
It's like a cruel reminder of the fact that I am THAT old and frail..
Still, Awesomeness!!

Here's some for memory =)

Celebrations started early in Bombay.. Thanks to Syafiq and Clement!!

Cake all the way from sunny Singapore!!

Plus Awesome Chocs from Royce =)

Clement's Hot Choc, Amstie Biscottis and apple!!

Post landing, Breakie with Ohana @ Crystal Jade T2

His Tiny Steps =)

Bei's surprise cake and my new loovely Chanel!

Dinner with the kids @ Crowne Changi (Suspected cause of my food poisoning) ;(
Poh Should seriously get himself an IPhone soon... Hahhaa... The way he STARED... Cute can

Ai's loovely surprise when we bumped into each other post doctor's visit @ Causeway Point.. =D