Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ISP 2009

The First ever ISP held in sunny Singapore =)
For once we have more participants than most of our neighbouring countries.
15 locals, 1 Phillippines & 1 Thailand.

Sweeeeet, which means I've saved greatly in terms of airfare, accomodation and such such...
It was a grueling long 6 days with fun moments all over.
Quite a few peeps I knew from Crestar and Lasalle, it was great seeing them all, JinYi and See Hung whom I've longed to dance with again, happy happy, although it wasn't with Miss Lee, but I'm sure they'll agree to the fact that we had wonderful moments "tearing around the room" as Miss Teo would put it. I watched them dance as seniors, growing up at Crestar Marine Parade, great to be able to do class together again. Had a couple other dancers like Grace Wee and Joni Tan who were gorgeous gorgeous dancers, of course, not missing out the little ball of giggles Shu Hui who's the youngest of this ISP. Also made new pals, Patricia and Sophatai, whom I wish I'll get to take classes with when I get the time off to travel to them in the near future.
All in all, I've learnt so much and as Miss Penny said "Everytime I finish a teachers' course/syllabus course of any manner, I'd feel like I could conquer the world!" haha, pretty true that one. Exactly how I've felt since Friday, I went teaching my RAD Inter ladies at the C.C. the same day my course ending, I actually finished teaching the Inter Dance within the 1 1/2Hrs of class. Good grrl me.. My poor poor grrls, they really suffered cos it was a school day. But, best part, they looked good doing it, not the usual blah blah... As many teachers would agree, mostly the 1st time a new dance is taught, it usually doesn't look fantastic.

But yeah, they looked good and I'm happy..
Pictures pictures!!!
The ballet teacher who laid my foundation for ballet
Miss Tan Eng Ai
ISP Group 2009, Palais Dance Studio.
Teddy's name's BeBe (Doubtful spelling),
Charlotte's baby bear, who's B'day she celebrates..haha
With Tricia's Baby grrl =)
Thank you ladies, I couldn't have asked for a better ISP group, I've learnt so much from everyone and it's wonderful to know many of us are gorgeously passionate about what we're doing and wanna do. Hope we'll all score well enough to carry on to the next phase together!!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy ValentiMes' Day!!

Alright, some more picture updates, for Valentines' Day, Mr Joo brought me out to a nice romantic dinner @ the Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton. I still prefer The Line @ Shangri La, food's better and there's service at every station. Still... I enjoyed myself
Mr Joo happy with his Muji Pressie
Gold Crowned Strawberries
The Babies

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Holiday week.

My CBTS ISP is beginning on Sunday.. thought it'll begin Monday.. hahaa.. Ding Dong can.
Excited.. A little scared. Yeap... Mixtures and confusion.

Loads of notes.. More to come. Gosh, never knew the road to teaching can be soo slow, long and hard. Based on the email list, I've got a good foundation of acquaintance, that ended my happiness of 'Hey, I don't know anyone there!!' GAWD...
This week's the schools' one week holiday, enjoyed myself by hitting the right places, with the right people, doing the right stuff =)

Painted (After good 7 years) with Adelina. For those of you who don't know her, she's my bestie. Someone who's been there with me through this and that and everything in between. I painted Yoshi.. Yes.. laugh. But it's nice okay!!! Haha.. at least now i know my drawing, painting and even my colour shading skills haven't detioriate all that much. Did acrylic on canvas by the way..
My personal painting teacher =)
Went swimming alone, took some time off others, was hoping to get back into my healthier shade of brown.. haha. Like I'm not brown enough most of the other times.
Yeap, had a really good time, did some laps (Past 8). Was pretty slow swimmer compared to when I was younger, but the sun and water and CLEAN TOILETS made me happy, real happy.

Well one thing I learnt this week,
  • There's a local brand of shoes name Foxtrot.
  • That the wooden platforms leading to yachts, built behind the gorgeous homes in Sentosa cos aprox. 40k each.

I smiled alot this week, thanks to all that made it possible.

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