Saturday, May 05, 2012

Mothers' Day 2012

And tonight the Mothers' Day celebration officially begins!
Thanks to Ah Yan for initiating the movement,
Started with group chatting and efforts of the cousins to set a date, time and place for the past week.
Bought flowers (carnation of course), re-arranged and self "wrapped" them.

Later tonight, all kids of the Chua family will present flowers to their mothers.
Old school. Yes.

But I reckon this is THE bestest way to educate and carry through the tight ties of the family.
This year, Chace and a few of the cousin nephew and nieces will be doing the same. =)

Super super excited! Ohana night!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Thanks for the memories

Been 12 years, 

Thanks for the memories.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Zero to zero

It's been so since I last blogged and even the update page has changed.
Flew with an "ex-student" a couple of days back and realised how long I've been away from my art, and how people have grown and ultimately, changed.

I said to myself. 2 years break..
But right now, I still can't harness the courage to return to teaching.
Disappointing I know.
But to see my friends on facebook constantaniously bitching about their undeserving students and the monsters they've created definitely raised a few flags.

The number of messages about how I've been missed overwhelms me, even today.

But still, zero courage.

I wish I could produce more wax to burn, with alot more sustainability.
Till the wishes come true,
I guess I'll continue hiding in the aluminum tube for a wee bit more.

Learning to look forward without envying the past has been a tough lesson,
But I'm definitely learning.
As my teaching days distant themselves with time,
I have learnt to work with what I've got now to patch all that I never had when my whole life was engulfed by teaching.

The relationship I adore and yearn so much to build.
A fortress for the future.

I'm getting there, at least it feels like it.