Tuesday, January 19, 2010

VS business

Yes yes, many of you should've already smelt, heard and felt the news of the opening of a Victoria's Secret boutique right here in Singapore!! Wooohooo!! Okay laaa.. Not really super right HERE.. but close nuff, Sentosa IR =)

Super happy,
but lookout people, a couple of my friends and I were having an absolutely HEATED up convo about the new place that will open tomorrow and we came to a conclusion, that:

1)Items will be easily accessible, now that there's a physical shop here.
2)There might be limited edition stuff that are available instore only, (just like the US shops).

But butt buttt!!
1)Things will NOT be cheaper than what we can find online ( entry into that bloody island's already a cute bomb at popular time frames)
2)The shop might be super Asianised (which is = bloody cheapo feeling)
3)Stock might be super limited.... compared to the US shops and site itself..

We still super look forward to it though, my sis-in-law's already excited just thinking about it.
I'm madness hype bout it.
Any hotter, we might just get our own personal tour together and conquer the limited half opened IR and that shop =)

Will keep the updates coming when I do go down to the shop..
Loove and SMooochies till then.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Perhaps good

A part of me is super ready to be alone...
After sooo many years of looking out for any glimpse of possibilities of owning happiness.
Didn't quite work out,
Perhaps no one's THE one.

Heart should be with my grrls and the not so growing bank accounts of mine.
Loove... We'll see

Friday, January 08, 2010

Jerry's, Lunchie, Show

I really wanted to update yesterday,
but failed...
And for that, I'm sorrrae =(

Super distraced by this new ching chong show, "Hi, My Sweetheart", better known as 海派甜心.
I'm sure it'll be showing on our local channels velly velly soon, cause it's GOOOOOD!!! =D
(after they get that Epitome of STUPIDITY Mo Mo Love aka 桃花小妹) off air!!
Okay okay laa.. Cause got Show Luo laaa.. Adored him bits more after attending one of his "Sign/ Sing" sessions when I was in Taipei 08. It also stars Rainie Yang, whose acting has somehow seriously improved in this show!! Watch if you are doubting me still.

Here's a couple of screen shots.. and kid you not, he totally (face only) resembles one of my friends, Mr Chong Qiu Long.. hahhaaaa.. Really, those of you who know Mr Chong, watch the 1st 2 episodes where Da Lang keeps apologising for everything he dose, right or wrong and you'll understand. super can...

Okay and for those of you unfamiliar with Mr Chong, here's a picture for comparison. Cannot go wrong laaa. haha.. Sorry Mr Chong, but he really look-a-like you in this show, but you loove him right??? =D Should

Okay, enough about the show, here's my latest triple tub O' Jerry's =D
How to not have Phish food right?? But damn sad they didn't have Choc Mint.. Sian..
Was trying to pick my flavours and this Aunty personelle shouted from across the frozen section, "Eh!!! Xiao Mei!! You buy 2 get small one free ah!!" wah piang.. there and then I wanted to put the ice cream down and RUN can. Damn embarrassing laa!! Then she walked over, took a mini tub of Cherry Garcia and stuffed it in my arms.. You should've seen the faces of the people around me.. Gawd!!!

Ooo.. btw, here's a collection of pictures from lunchie @ Jack's Place with mummy =)
Mummy's 1st Escargot, and she like... =D

But they still ended up in my fridge.
Here's me Camwhoring them...

Yes, for SOME of my Ding-a-Dong friends, vv THIS vv is why Phish Food's Phish Food.

And here's me Camwhoring WITH them...

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Not sleeping, not shopping, not doin' SHITE

Daaaaamn tired laaaaaaa...
I'm tilted to one side, finger powering the computer to showing me things I'm not even half interested in seeing.
Daaaaaaamn sleepy,
But I'm trying my best to stop myself from climbing back into bed, which will cause me to not be able to knock out in time tonight, to get up BRIGHT and EARLY tomorrow.
Work has begun and I still cannot get in touch with one of my bosses.
I'm becoming more Xite about getting my hands on s T-Mobile sidekick (Noooo.. Not a half useless person who's world revolves around you. Sidekick) It's a phone and I've been wanting it since a couple of years back. It's got a cool swivel screen thingy, that.. well. COOL of course!

I shall ship one in and not care if I can send MMS/ Get ANY internet excess/ Bluetooth etc.
Basically what it WILL do for me is the most basic of text messages and phone calls. We'll see how far frustration pushes me, till I get a 2nd SIM card and start carrying 2 phones around like a big business person. Till then, it's still dreaming/wishing/whining about the phone.
Btw, mine will get a total Zhng-over just like the one above =P Yum!!
Btw, Bei has suddenly flipped on the idea of me getting my Chanel Ballerina inspired bag..
Gotta go whine more and seehow that works out. FUCK.. BUY BAG ALSO CANNOT...
Cause putting my Chanel wallet in anything else ( which is what's happenin' now)'s a BITCH.
I want a tote/carrier/bag, what ever you grrls'll address them as, that's of a more premium range than my wallet. Anything lesser's like a huge GIA-nourmous BOO to my wallet.

Yup, that's it for now.
And the sleep resistance continues.

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