Friday, September 18, 2009

What you missed

It was so long ago for me, but when I watched this episode, it absolutely brought me back to my 40dollar cab ride moment, when I begged and begged you to have me back, when I told you I loved you but all I heard were NOs.
When I fell apart and all air seem to have left me in a no-breathing state, when my eyes shuttered around to see if it was all real, not caring how the rest of the world saw me.
I was desperate, my phone was dying, and you still wouldn't care more.
Then my phone died, I talked into the phone, a part of me knew I was speaking to silence but I couldn't stop, I needed to say it all, still hoping to get some sort of an answer, or somehow to get everything to return to what they use to be, couldn't stop gasping for the air I needed and the tears from leaving my eyes. The same scar started to hurt abit when I watched the moment on my computer screen. I hope you'll get to see this, cos you never really did..
watch from 2:20 t0 4:10