Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Try it!!! =D

It's nearly 5... In the bloody morning.. What am I doing?

Learning the chorus dance of this song. =P

It's fun!!!
羅志祥 撐腰

Things end...

Really really sad...

The one couple I thought'll last.. Just confirmed on ending their relationship...
Jon and Kate from reality TV show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' is filing for divorce.. Damn..

Can't imagine how it'll be like for the kids.. poor little ppl..

But really, the scandals and drama aside, Jon and Kate Gosselin are wonderful parents. SHowering their kids with not just love but positive discipline, something loads of kids lack today.

Whether or not the show'll go on, I wish them the best and to always have their kids in mind every step of the way.
This's the song with lyrics expressing how I feel about you and us. Yes, I woke up, I am tired, do get tired when change isn't appreciated and things do end...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Won over

Someone absolutely won me over with this... Yes, just this. No, am not weak. Watch the vid, read the lycs and for those of you who's been with me steps of this loong way, you'd absolutely understand.

盧學叡 可不可以愛我

Can't sleep

Time and time I get chances,
Asking myself the age old question...
I don't think i'm the overly nice kinda person, but I guess when stupidity strikes, there aint much you can do to control the situation there and then.
I spent 2 years working my arse off just to get unappreciated.
I tried my very best but in the end, still have to be the one to say no, that's it.
I'm a pretty damn determined child.. But he has the ability to make me stop trying, give up.
I'm absolutely exhausted.
I thought I'd end up with something.. or things I would think.. 2 years..
Nope, not much. Hasn't heard from him, I have alone moments where I ask myself, where and what have I done again?
Seems like it's always been me in many past relationships...
But somehow, this time around, a little tiny voice in my head (Hasn't heard from her for a long time now) told me.. It isn't YOU this time.. really isn't.
He's just not the one. Too bad, now hush and move on.

I'm on an emotional vacation now. I cried once, and that was it. Didn't anymore, was expecting my usual drama and then running back to him asking for reconcilliation... Didn't as well.

There are a good number of us in this world that has zero understanding of ourselves. Truely, I know many many pals far better than I undersand myself. My emotions avea life of their own and they take me to heights I haven't been to and drop me...

But at times like these, they somehow were the first to rush in and comfort my heart, no torn apart feeling, no tears, no screaming, no wanting to jump off the building. Just solem, I aint happy if that's what you're thinking, but these 2 weeks, I have yet to find any other emotions to express myself. And i truely wish to keep things tt way. I went to work as per normal, I handle myself very well. Did run off to places in the middle of the night though.. Haha.. Went all the way to east coast alone to fascinate myself with one of those plushie machines, pretty good catch..

I'm tired...
Don't pretend you know how I feel cos I've worked years on end to keep a friendship lit, tries my best to step into his life and stay in it.
And I failed, I seldom do in my short 23 years...
But this time, I did.
But really, I tried...

Now that I'm back to being me again, no more trying to be the good grrlfriend, to please people, to smile when told, to feel stumbled upon.. I'm fine. Give me some time and I'll be back to being me.. something I'm trying to regain after 2 years of being HIS me...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Way too fucking much

I just wanna teach, learn to teach, get through my CBTS and CSTD TC...
I'm not a business woman, just wanna teach...

Fuck, how fucking hard is that for anyone to understand?

I'm paying for shit, I don't need to not know when the next payment's not gonna come, just want a stable enough income MONTHLY. It's way too fucking much, you guys are driving me up the wall with things I'm not ready for and don't want at this point. What the fuck's your issue???