Thursday, January 31, 2013


Been watch hunting. And I found perfection.

The Rolex Daytona: Vale

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Boys:

Want a nice smelling grrlfriend? (Pleasant smell sustained even post workout)

Someone who dresses appropriately? (Like no slippers and jeans and Polo Tee and shorts to town)

A grrl who you can hold in your arms and make every man around you jealous?

Who walks and stands straight?

Who speaks well and can be bothered with your friends?

Down to earth but classy at the same time.

Bothers to take care of her skin and weight?

Eat quietly like a lady, not a munching pig.

Doesn't blow her nose like an infected ogre?

Sneeze like an elephant.

Loving and sweet.

Even towards the shitass looking version of you early in the morning.

Not dragging her feet around so people can hear her coming from miles away?

A grrl who shows interest in that interests you?

Good and works hard in bed to satisfy your fantasies?

Hopefully a good driver.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

First death 2013

2013's first. Will be about death, the death of yours truely.
If it's all too gory for you, head back to my generally chirpy facebook page.

I wonder, sitting here, heading home.
What if my life ended tomorrow...?
The parents would be richer.
Yes, they'll be sad for awhile,
But richer.

Perhaps it is a positive thing that some  people don't live till the typical hopeful ripe old age.
See this..

If i died tomorrow,
I no longer possess the need to worry about finding love, money and everything else in between.
I do not need to worry about having kids I'll have no control over.
Or having kids at all!

Need not worry about my kids having to take care of me if I ever became ill.
Or too old and senile to take care of the basics.

The other half that might or might not happen.
My parents' passing.
The passing of my other loved ones.

Simply put,
I'm tired of living and worrying.
Days past and I constantly sit and wonder at others who have found "Happiness'.
Where's mine..?
Will it ever come...?
Should I give anything else a try...?
What am I not doing right to have missed so much..?

ending it all tomorrow will simplify all.
It ends.

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