Wednesday, December 26, 2007

HAPPY HAPPY Christmas.....

The most beautiful Christmas...

I've had some of the craziest, wettest, dirtiest, loudest, wildest Christmas Eves these years but nothing as sweet, homely, calm yet fun and warm. I cooked up a feast!! Soooo proud of myself, it's the 1st time EVERY dish yes! EVERY! came out nice =) Had dinner with ohana & Mr Joo... Sarters, Main, Dessert. Oh oh... dessert's prepared solely by our very own belooooved 1st timer Mr Joo... HE BAKED!! Sooo proud can.. Orea Chocolate cake and guess what's in between? Haha.. peeps that knows me well either hates or love me with it... SNICKERS!! gorgeousness... My grandma eevn said, "This one, PASS!!"
Perfect desserts, sugar cookies and CAKE!!!

What made it all so much more gorgeous was the fact that it's also Mr Joo and I's 8month Anniversary =D
He brought chocolates....

With loads of other pressies for me!!

A box of nice smellin frm Bodyshop.

The Witch's 2008 Orgniser DateBook.

AND AND AND!!! A Mixer!!!

Some of you might think these are all tiny tiny things, but they'r things I've wanted wanted wanted for the longest time... Thank you babysweet... I love you

Nothing's more beatiful then spendig time, quality, fun, enjoyable time with your loved ones and I'm glad to say that I've done it at least once...

Monday, December 24, 2007

A thankful Christmas

Christmas!!! 25th

Christmas Eve!!! 24th

8th month Anniversary!!! 24th

Here's us at 7th...

Hope the 8th will only get better... It's like this isn't it? Aftr you've rocked bottom, things can only get better...

This year's holiday colour, SILVER :D

Thanks Adeline for these gorgeous cocolate goooodies from ROYCE Belated birthday present can't get any sweeeeeter!!

What can I say? I'm blessed with these wonderful wonderful classes of grrls after Shanti left the C.C. Got this set of BodyShop Strawberry goodies... NIIICE :) Even though they have left it a mistery as to who sent it, I'm determined to find out and I WILL!! You grrls are definitely nothing less of "THE GREATEST STUDENTS YOU'VE (me) EVER WISHED FOR!!"

Gonna be a sweet sweet Christmas, my shopping spree's on the roll, money's rolling out in happy manners and I'm collecting my quiver soon.... YAY!!! Every piece of equipment would be a step closer to me shooting again...
I LOOOOVE being called Miss Gina.. time flies and I've been teaching at the C.C. for more than a year now, all the ups and downs. the only people pulling me through from weekend to weekend, the only ones I look forward to and never got tired of.. my grrls at the C.C.

As the older ones say, "The moment you walk into the studio with a class full of bodies, you must be ready to take care and tune those bodies for years and years to come."

Thank you Mrs Simon and Miss Penny for trusting me with all these, beign so giving and teaching me so so much for the past year I couldn't have found employers more loving. And Miss June Lee for tuning me into what i am today. Merry Christmass all!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Peak

The peak of moments,

When you hurt pass your considered limits,

You melt... Into awhole load of nothingness...

Been busy with work, birthday, archery. These months I haven't thought much about myself. But now that I'm at a lost about this relationship, the one thing I've ever been so sure about in my life. The giving and taking. The pushing and pulling.. it's all confusing me so much that the only way I've discovered that could pull me back would be to concentrate a little more on me...myself.. Not that my heart's moved on, (Sometimes it feels like that can never happen) but I have no choice cos you're never here..


Earliest present, Bloom Gloss!! From the peeps that looooove me =)

My 22nd, had dinner with family Adelina, it's the usual. But came with loads of disappointments.. Dinners' at Kushin Bo, it's at Suntec City, nice japanese buffet place famous for teir free flow of Snow crabs (great fresh Sashimi).. with the hourly excitement of "Special dishes" that guests will have to queue up for due to the limited quantity... fun place :)
Bestiesss!! =)

My Ohana and myself were trying hard to understand our origins... Ah... now you know..


School holiday's given me the usual freedom of taking random jobs and this time I was approached by a company that dealt with the "Disney Princess Pageant" where I have to choreograph to the HIT song "What Time Is It?" from High School Musical II. Fun... chaotic... But then again, how can I complain? It's disney.. =)


Been saving up the past couple of months for a new bow and other equipments so i can shoot again. Found a PINK Ultraelite on the hoyt website but has yet to have any replies from any suppliers, I'm beginning to worry if anyone would wanna bring in a PINK bow.. **Fingers Crosssed** Spoke to Mr Leow and a few others... hopefully the bow'll be confirmed soon, shipped in and setup to shoot. The Singapore archery team that attended SEAgames won nothing.. sorta disappointing..