Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grill Alert

Went solo walking today @ Causeway Point =)
Couldn't resist anymore and purchased a long wanted Grill Pan from Tefal =)
Came home and tested it out =)
Grilled Snail Sausage on mash with a side of grilled beans =)
Suuuuper nice can?!?!
Well done me =)

Made the other 2 ladies in the house drooool.. haha
Mummy said Quote: Should've said YES when you asked if I wanted a share!! =( :etouQ

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chanel moi

Ooo.. Noo...
This's bad,
Cause I'm in loove..

Her name's A47808
It was loove at first sight a few weeks back.
Come to me baybae.. come...

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Post, post, entry

Merry Merry christmas kids!!!

Okay, Pinkie's back, still unsure if she's absolutely back on her pink butt.. But updates anyway.
Pictures as follow:

Kor's 29th Big'Day =)

Went over to kor's place and gave him a mini ohana celebration, Mum and granny were there too, Kor mentioned to jie once that he's super interested in trying this mango pie from Fruit Paradise, a Pie cum tea place that serves uber-cool, unreal lookin' Yummy pies, did I say YUMMY?? And so we got him that as a little surprise.. Earlier that week, I caught a Doremon plushie with inbuilt speakers for kor (he's a fan) =)

It was a good one, he was happy...

My FAVOURITE pic of the evening =D Haha.. Loove Chace's serious look

Bei's 24th weekend of surprises...
Saturday, 19th of December: Tiffany surprise with the kids plus a cheena movie

Started off the day with a BIG FAT LIE =)
Please note: the following's all a LIE (Till further notice)

1) Told a whole story about how my trip to Tiffany & Co just the day before with Ah Yan (my Butt) Brought her to purchasing a ring for Neyton (her happening).. And since she had to work on Saturday (19th Dec), we had to help her pick up the ring.

2) Luckily I got to know Keddy, one of the guys from Tiffany from my ex-purchases and he agreed to keep the ring there and put up a show when we went for collection...

(Okay, end of LIEssss)

So I brought Bei there, (the gong gong not suspecting anything) and upon collection, I casually asked him to try on one of the titanium rings from the men series and of course, I chose TIME, (the exact one I bought) cause Keddy and I both needed to know if I have gotten the right size the day before as I went down only with a brief measurement of Bei's finger size. And realised YES, I did.. (but for the wrong hand.. damn)

Anyways, here's the ring....

After collection, we left for dinner, Carnivores @ VivoCity
For those of you who's been reading my past, you'd know it's one of my favourite dining places =)
2nd Surprise of the evening, I had pre-planned with the Kids (Poh and Yi) for dinner there and Poh telling Bei he wasn't gonna be able to make it made Bei pretty sad...

But surprise!!! =D
That put a gianormous smile across his face.
Then upon the arrival of the Kids, I presented him the ring, which he Loooved OF COURSE!!!

3rd surprise of the evening came during dinner when he found out that I had booked tickets for Wind Warriors (Feng, Yun II) the movie...

Bei's been wanting to watch it but I've been declining invites from him, saving for the special day (he knew how much I hated the show, ha.. But that's how much I loove him right?)

Thanked me for the next 3 days... Not kidding

Sunday, 20th December, Dinner @ Wong Kok Char Chan Teng 旺角茶餐厅 (Bugis)
With Bei's young Ohana...

It was Evan's (bei's butt) 20th late birthday celebration as well.
Yeap, 2 Gianormous Vases of TEH,
suuuper nice can...

10 peeps, we downed it ALL =P Slurp Slurp..

Ying Jie showing off her LV ring =)

Monday, 21st December, Quiet day of walkabouts and meetup for Ben & Jerry's @ Dempsey with Evan and Michelle...
With a hit of Board game hour =) Till late

Tuesday, 22nd of December, Surprise celebration, Fish & Co @ ParkMall with Ex-gf (longz) and friends.

Qui Long approached me to have a surprise dinner planned for Bei on his actual day... =D
It meant so much cause his budds were all there =)

Long and Qi gave Bei Supaa' Patrick from STAGE

Bei's gorgeous Log-cake from TCC. YUM again

Happy boy on chair while the Fish & Co peeps chanted the Birthday Drill... Song...

24th of December, Christmas with Ohana @ kor's

Bought a bib, hat and mittens for Chace, his very 1st Christmas.. sweeet
My "UP" moment =O
Better quality pictures were taken with a proper camera the same evening, but these would have to do for now.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Bonitochico got me arse out of me home bright and not too early today.
Collection of Pixie dress @ Simei.
Me NO-LIKE dress..

Went out shopping today for X'mas Pressies for Kor, Jie and Ah Chua...
Found a bib and an X'mas Set for Ah Chua, uber cute can.
Still contemplating on the "Will Work For Milk" Overall.. hmmm... We'll see.

Plus Limited Ed. Donuts from Factory.. =D Me like..
Bei wants to Quote:Bite off Snowman's head:etouQ
Well done imagination.

okay, promise pictures soon.
Till then, enjoy the colour-ed wordings.

Nop, still no pictures... Pinkie's not home yet...
Feel like friggin' burning Sony to the ground laaa... Damn annoying.. Like Why.T.F did I pay so much more for?!

Monday, December 21, 2009





laaa... !!!


Lappie's down.. hai... Too much murrrhhhsss about it the past week or so.. NOt gonna waste energy and finger strength murrrrhhh-ing more...

But Bei's early B'Day surprise was a bulls-eye!! Okay kay.. Not X-10s for all, but I did get it suuper close to the X-mark =D
He's happy and warm, and that's rubbing off onto me.
So happiness all around, pics will be up soonass Lappie comes home... Well.. Alive.. And working...

Till Then.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I need to be locked out of my own Past Entries.
Any Comp-Guru reading?
Emo-ing again...
Went back to my older entries and saw how happy/ unhappy we were
and how strongly I believed it'll all work out.
And then what happened...??!?
I cannot stop the filmroll in my head.
My eyes tear up and I wanna run into something so my heart'll stop hurting.
And seriously I hate so much, how I can no longer swear when I want on facebook...
Cause the ka-zillion other words in the dictionary doesn't work half as well as a good combination of FUCK, SHIT and FUCK.

Okay, the filmroll kinda paused itself. Better roll myself into bed so my life can continue....


Archery was suppose to be the only post today... (Who'd post multiple times a day right?)
But I just saw him.. No... not in person, I'd probably DIE...

The Dinosaur still hurts me.
Sometimes, my weakness amazes me...
I look at myself daily and everytime I walk by that stupid study room, I literally have to stop and re assure myself, You Are Happy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


S.E.A. Games.. and every other archery competition gives me the urge to shoot, no matter how tiring it will be... to train on a Sunday morning.

No matter how deadly heavy it is to carry my equipment down to the range...

Pray that I'll have a deeper pocket soon to complete my bow, then shoot away I go....

24th Goal

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heels to peels

Fact: 4.5" heels are Gina's favies,
They make her legs look poised and allows her to feel slimmer.
Good lord, Took her 24 years to figure that out...

Her latest staple, Hidden platform 4.75" Black Beauties.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Outta 23 & forward into 24

Stepping into the 24th year of a person's life gives her the slight reality bang of being close to being a quarter of a century old. Well at least it did me...

23rd year, not great emotionally and physiccaly.

Mr Joo and I made the Break up decision. So that's pretty much the end of an age long heart ache-ing tale.
The pre-breakup wasn't great as well. So that was a process on it's own.

Found out that I have slight tendency of asthma attacks thanks to me being O' so clever, putting Glenn in my room.

But my 23rd year was a pretty good work year.
I'm finally a fully certifide ballet teacher.
It's like a life-long ambition partially accomplished.
Very proud - Happy

Alright, abit on my celebrations into my 24th =)
Tuesday, 1st December 09
Miss Wah had been haunting me since nearly a week ago about meeting up with her on this date for a coffee and walk about.
After meeting at Wheelocks, she dragged me to NYDC and being super me, I didn't even realise the surprise till it was IN MY FACE. Haha.. But really fun.
Thank you my ovely tribe for planning this gorgeous lunch. I had sooo much fun =)
And what's best was that everyone from the class was there. Sweetness indeed.
Post NYDC, the crowd split and the remaining us companied Miss Wah to her super casual interview @ Ben & Jerry's Orchard Central, where we met Stella. Where she was lookin' Hawt in the Ben & Jerry's uniform. Seriously I've been to almost all of their branches and most of the grrls there did not look half as good in the uniform.
Of course right, we camwhored our way to the train station.

Friday, 4th Dec 09

Bei picked me up from my hairdresser's place and took me to town to buy my very own
A26720 I'm glad I listened to Jie and Kor, to simply buy what I LIKE =D
Thank youuuu bei, cause he bought it for meee. And it wasn't cheap..

Saturday, 5th Dec 09

Evening out with Bestie Ada,
Went to Shin Yuu Restaurant @ Hillcrest Park.
Sashimi was good, but probably wouldn't return for the rest of the menu.
Ooo... Ada gave me a Peony bouquet, it's gorgeous!! Dark blood purple =)
Post ending Ada home,
Went to meet Bao'er and Shu Yi cause they had presents for meee =)
When he mentioned to Bei that they wouldn't fit in the back of his car...
I had voices saying "Big plushie..."
And true enough.. But seriously, I was not mentally ready for a couple THAT size...
Bei's arm almost cramped carrying it from the carpark to my place.
Thanks guys!!! Specially my Ai who bought them both on her own and carried them home from Choa Chu Kang. She's a tiny person mind you. Duper sweet...

Sunday, 6th December 09, Day of birth, 24 years back.
Went for Dim Sum breakfast with Ohana @ Red Star Restaurant.

Pretty good food I'd say, rather than the Oooo Soooo Boooring Crystal Jade =)
But Daddy still say he prefers Crystal... Eeeek!!! =(
After which we head back home (All of us) for a good post breakfast nap.
Here's Baby Chua.
Post Nap, Bei brought me out to the beach for a nice walk and of course, some Plushie catching fun. It was a great day, some SERIOUS birthday luck.
Cause I caught a Melody Plushie for Ying Ying Jie (which one had to catch the Micky Plushie twice to exchange for this)
After the beach we went to Suntec and there, I caught a Doremon Plushie with inbuild speakers for Kor kor. And then with just a dollar, I picked up aaaaa... gosh.. whats the name, The "Ugly" plushie that Lilo made for herself in the Lilo and Stitch movie. Yeap.
All with a total bill of 18bucks =)
Super happy!
Kor and Jie, Mummy, Daddy, Granny and Bei's mummy gave me Ang Paos =D
And Ying jie bought me a whold bag of little things that I've been wanting and a nice tub of chocolate poppies to keep my hyperness. =)
This's a great birthday with no unhappiness. Year 24th's gonna be better than the 23rd, at least I'm super determined for it to be that way. Here I come!!!

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