Thursday, May 31, 2007

May stepping to June

It's been a wonderful week... well more than a week actually.

Been working loads and loads, ended up with quite a few full full days of 6teaching classes followed by my own ballet training classes in the evenings. Been all over the place. But with all that happening, I've found well, odd enough, a pretty good balance. And here's why...

Will all those working time, I've kept myself to seeing Mr Joo for only about 3 to 4 days per week and mostly just dinner then home. I guess that's healthy, compared to alot of my past relationships where I actually see my boy almost 24/7 and with all that said, it does make me cherish the moments with him alot more (not like I'd ever take time with him for granted). On his side, I gues he was never into the we could stay over at each others' and see each other everyday like a married coupld thingy... so there hasn't been one bit of complain about not seeing me enough on my packed work days.

Mr Siew just turned 23!! Old ooooold Ogre boy! hahaaa... had no idea what to buy him for his birthday, ended up with a pair of Ogre ears! yes yes, those fluffy bright green ones from Macdonalds. I swear I wasn't being a cheapo, but if I were to wanna buy him anything else that would probably be more thoughtless and unloving, might as well buy him something close to the heart yeah? It's just wonderful, dinner at this mediterranian place at well... Arab St. area of course, nice ambience and we had quite abit of fun, good company :) Orgre boy, I know you'll read this, update me with a picture and name of the place please? Spank you and happy 23rd!!
Mr Siew utilising his ears, starrring Azzy as the Donkae :D

This, this THIS!! someone explain this picture!! JY, what the hell were you doing?!?!

Poor poor Azzy Fuzzy, he wont be getting his 70's bday celebration afterall, got duty, serve the country!! ahahaa... we love you still!! I'm sure we'll fit time to make up for it :)

My beautiful relationship just hit one! One month la...hahahaa... And as we both had no time to prepare, gifts were simple, I got him the CD which I think he always wanted... (He didn't seem toooo excited bout it cos my bestie doesn't lie well enough) hope he likes it and hahaa... he gave me a whole box, i mean BOX of oversized snickers, starburst chewies and lollies... Woooooooonderful!!! I have em' within arm's reach from my laptop... Spank you babe...

The card and my box O' happiness

Now's enjoying the school holidays and my break... Come July will be few of the craziest months of this year, 7 working days till Sept, preperation for my grrls' and my own ballet exam. Oh and thanks to Miss June Lee, I'm now part of the Cresstar teaching team, yay!! With all these on my calender, it'll be a fruitful 2nd half of the year. Miss Penny and Mrs Simon's a little uncomfortable with the fact that I might be pulling myself a little too thin, time to prove my sense of time management and control :)


Monday, May 21, 2007

A little entertainment

Good waffles = Happy children

Gay Fucks....

The children with the KIA Cerato Variant 2 :D

The Unbeatable lamos!!! Together we CRAP

Aaron the melon being... "Kewl" can...

This is what we artistes call "THE Outreach"!!!!

This is for you Mr Ang, yes, go ahead and laugh, Gina's doing the stripes :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still dancing, still living

It's been holistic teaching and dancing the past weekend. Feeling great really, like I'm back in dance school all over again, but alot more draining, mentally. Then of course, my poor body's still trying very hard to catch up with the whole 6 classes per week, inclusive of 3hr classes motion. My back hurts like a BITCH and as most of my dance pals would know, Gina has THE most inflexible back ever ever... Gosh... And Miss Lee definitely working my body.

Alright, movies. Caught Bridge to Terabithia a couple O' days ago and the verdict is, peeps who have not much of an imgination, DO NOT ATTEMPT! Kiyoshi asked if we could leave half way through the show. Haha... So you "grown-ups" out there... You know what to expect. It's basically the PURE IMAGINATION of 2 kids. Yes, it's nothing like Narnia where they actually enter a fantasy world. It's all in the head this one. With a total oddball, uncalled for, totally un-needed twist towards the end (with a clear explanation to the title of the film). Enjoy peeps!!

My life outside of work and classes revolves quite abit around Mr Joo. Since he's back, it's this here and there together together. I'm glad that this's all happening but somehow something just seems to be missing. And some of his decisions still leaves me puzzled and alot of the times all twisted in my stomach, pretty painful I must say, but there are of course the sweet moments. Like how he actually agreed on going with the flow and we both went to town with stripes (my virgin 'couple clothing' thingy). I'm overall happy... overall but it still takes alot of the little things. Peeps who know me well enough you should be pushing your lips flat and nodding your head with a 'mmmm' in your heart yea? Yes, that's what I mean... the little things.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Teach and Learn

It's back to the studio again for me, the familiar barre work, the tiring one and a half hour. Screaming at my grrls in the day and getting screamed at in the evening. Yes, after like how many donkey years I've plucked up enough courage to cut a big chunk out of my salary, just to go back to being a student. Not just another student of course, student of Miss June Lee once more. :)

It's a wonderful wonderful feeling to be guided and correted all over again, more learning for the teaching me :) JIA YOU jiaying!!

Oh, here's alittle something Az!!! Collage to make viewing easier!! loove!!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The partition

I'm back!!

Watched Partition with Aaron yesterday. Very interested show, with an interesting cast. Boys who're in LOVE with Lana Lang(Kristin Kreuk) from Smallville, listen up! She's in this movie that's only available at SHAW cinemas all over singapore. And yes, as you should have already guessed it's called Partition, also starring Jimi Mistry from The Guru and Neve Campbell, Irrfan Khan and John Light. Synopsis is as follows:

With the partition of India and Pakistan sparking bloodshed between Sikhs and Muslims, their respective people might be mortal enemies but Gian and Naseem are determined to follow their hearts.He refuses to abandon his pledge to leave war and its atrocities behind, She can’t forget his courage and kindness in saving her from his countrymen’s swords. The two lives are brought together in a profound and sweeping story that reveals the tenderness of the human heart in the most violent of times.

It's a beeeautiful show peeps, and it really changed my view on Kristin Kreuk, not only was her acting heart capturing, you would also realise how well she held up the Indianish english accent through the show. So if you do have cash to spare after watching the O' so overrated Spiderman 3, this is THE show to watch. Sometimes a peek into an unfamiliar hole in the fence might pleasantly surprise you! =)

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