Friday, February 26, 2010

All out

Blogging while waiting for my 6pm class to start.

A couple of nights ago,
I finally got to talk (Heart to heart about the frustrating truth) to my Butt about my work, my life as a whole and how frustrated I am right now with all the decisions I've made along the way these past 3 years.

She understands me, at least I believe she did...
Although she knew nothing about dance and how certain things should and shouldn't be done,
but I am glad that finally, someone who understands who I really am, who I was, the amount of changes I've made to get to where I am today is listening in and feeling some of my pain.

For the first time in my life, I cannot truely speak up, I cannot really be me.

But that morning, I got it all out.
And although that doesn't solve anything, neither does it make me a happier person, but you know how you tell someone the full story and the negativity of it all, it seems to transfer the pain and the guilt you feel towards bullying yourself so badly to the listener, together with the unhappy thoughts.

I'm so glad I have her.
So glad.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tired... again

I'm beginning to really doubt my job, the choices I made, in consideration of many others.
These 3 years hold some of the most enjoyable, yet tiring moments of my short life.
I'm really beginning to see what my mentors always say.

"they'll take you for granted and you might even create a few monsters on the way"
'You'll get hurt, really bad"

Dance's the best thing I've ever decided for myself.
But am I thoroughly wrong?
I love so much, flying across the studio floor, feeling the wind in my hair while I sparkle like a moving piece of art.
But now I'm all tied down, like a tired parent.
Really tired. I feel ike just walking away from it all and take on a new path.

Booo me for being a weakling,
Perhaps one day,
I'll pluck up enough courage and simply take off.
(Give up on the kids I've loved & given up loads for)
Untouchable once more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunar New Year 2010

Did you Miss me??
I'm baaaack!!!
Damn sick, I just vomitted in my own mouth.

Wookay!! Here's pictures of me Camwhoring with my Cheong to the Sam can =)
Sorry, but I really think it looks damn super ultimately CUTE laaaa, canot deny.. muuahhahaaa

Btw, I CLEARED my room =) Plus the MESSY sofa I created PLUS!!! I framed and put up a mini montage of family pictures, it was a eye catchin' darlin'!!! Everyone looved it =)
See the wall behind this pic...

CNY this year was as per normal, Eve and 1st day were at my place, as Ah Ma's living with us, thus everyone comes yearly to visit, so pardon the underdress-ness and enjoy the pictures.The fondue, we all looove laaa, it has become a tradition for the Chua Family since 2007.

Checker-ed Aunt and Baby

Cousins CamWhoring

2nd Day this year was a bit bit different, ended up not going to my maternal side to visit as it was told by a Feng Shui person that the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year this year was not a good Date on the Chinese calendar. Thus, visiting of my maternal side was shifted to Day 3.

Day 2 was left for Bei's family and I wore my Black/White ColourBlock Dress bought from, forgot which blogshop it's from but yeah.... It fitted gorgeous and although was a bodycon (at least it was for me), it was comfy and super livable when worn.

Bei was SUPER sweeet, he got me A baby bouquet of Sunflower & sides plus a heart shaped cookie as a post V'Day surprise =) He's become a romantis I tell ya.. =)

All was well there, went to his Aunt's place, most peeps were there and there was MahJong and after some food and drinks, the gambling circle formed and it all rolled off from there =)

Day 3 came and I was all Xite Xite bout it cause I get to wear my Cheong Sam!!! Yayy!!!! It's from Bonitochico, another Blogshop. Bought the Medium, which turned out to be SUPER Oversized for me. =( Sad cause I had to have it altered. =) Happy cause it meant that I'd fit fine in a Small!!! WOohoo!!! Bei's mummy lovingly did the alterations for me and it fit gorgeous after. Was super worried cause menses came on the CNY eve... WHat luck right.. but then, by the 3rd day, the bloaty me had left and my bodd was back to normal, HAPPINESS!!!
3 Generations of Women

After Maternal Ohana visiting was to De Liang's place. THey started early, Bei and I were late, had a bit of steamboat then came the Gambling Den AhhhGain!! This time i joined in and really, my new passion's giving out cards, super fun can. Played In-Between, new game for me, but it did earn me abit more Ang Pao mooolah, happiness!!

Big Winners of the night =)
Kah Heng and Karen

Yeap, bought a gorgeous Big flower for the hair and a nice clutch to go. Lovely it all was.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Special Moooonday

Today was a tad special,
Bei didn't have to work, so we woke up, he drove almost like a mad-hungry-boy to PS to have our breakfast at LongJohns... Hmmm.. I must say, the breakfast quality can really differ from branch to branch, depending on the flow and the fella in the kitchen.

The last time I had their Big Fish Sandwich (Bishan branch), it was gorgeous, FAT FAT fish, warm toasted bread and most importantly, it was HOT =)
But today, the bread was overdue, really.. hahaa.. it tasted like it (try making yourself some french toast and leave it for a couple of hours before tucking in) It tasted majorly of oil... Blahhh...!
Then the BIG fish.. seriously, was excitingly SMALL... Sad can... Bei's Turkey Bacon wich wasn't all that marvelous as well.

Okay, skip that blah.

Next up, SHOPPING =D

Went on a super long intensive walkabout with my CheongSam in the bag, sooo determined to find me some shoes to go with... but noooo... I was getting tired and useless.

Then, the most 'exciting' thing happened!!!
I had to go to work!! hahahaa...
Yup, work was as usual at RGPS.

After 1.5hours of intensive money earning,
Bei picked me up at 4.30pm and guess what, we went back to town for more intensive look-about!
Headed to Bugis this time and had dinner at that Hong Kong Restaurant I had blogged about in December. Loove the food there can, and everytime we introduced friends to that place, they'd run back there on their own cause no one can have enough of the wide wide variety of good food on their menu.

Just when we were about to leave, saw De Liang and Li Jiao walk in, Bei did his usual call my friend prank, got that over with, short chat and we left.

Walked all over Bugis, Suntec, then to Marina Square, like super hardworking can. Finally found a pair of heels that'll go with my CheongSam. And I had to put my foot down as I couldn't decide on anything after trying past a dozen pairs. These shoes I picked are NOT ME at all.. But they really do go well with the CheongSam, so cannot complain. Zip!!

You'll see them soon in my reveal =)
So do look forward and keep on stalking!


Cheong Sam (Done!!!)

Shoes to go (Done!!!)

BIG Flower for hair

Clutch of some sort

Two done, more to go!!!

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

CheongSam ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaa... you won't believe, I just outbidded a few others on GMAIL.. yes.. GMAIL.. and got my CheongSam.. now.. PRAY THAT it FITS!!! Roaaaaar!!!

If it does, you'll be seeing it


Hahahaaa... madness at it's bestest!!!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kate Spade @ Toa Payoh Safra

By the way, went to the Kate Spade sale @ Toapayoh Safra with Ying jie last Friday morning...
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong queue can...
This's just an idea of what it was like in the morning.. we were early, 8.40am we got there... and this picture was taken approx. 9? 9++a.m.
Scary right... this's about 1/3 of the actual queue, which stretches all the way pass the carpark.. hahhaaa
Women and their shopping desires...

I bought a 2-way BLOOD RED bag @.... hahaa.. SGD399..
you'll be seeing it in my future hangout pics, keep your eyess peeled while stalking!! =>

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Monday, February 01, 2010

海派甜心's lessons..

達浪: 喜欢跟愛的差別, 喜欢可以很多人, 可是愛却只有一个.

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