Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taipei Trip, 1/2 of Day one

My trip to Taipei =) Started 10pm, 10th of December. Left for Changi Airport T3, boarding SQ880... Here's the wait..
Walking Through the Isle of NO GST!!
Grrl's Toilet, FanSae!!
I take you..
You take me...
Mr Joo Greeting the WaterCooler.. And it.. returning the favour with.. well.. WATER =)
Our plane took off S'pore grounds at 1.25am, Dec 11th.
Too dark, too sleepy, no pictures...
Next thing... We were in TPE... Nooo laaa!! Not the expressway!! Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport =D
Tired, majorly... Tired. But still peeps, WELCOME "2" TAIWAN!!

Yup, it might be spinning in many people's heads, are they absolutely mad? Cos after calculating, yeap, it's about 6am in the morning as we sat waiting for the Tourism Information counter to open (7am), to get our Youth Travel Cards. The "cards" actually come in the shape of a long keychain thingy, makes them really easy to attach to your wallet or bags. And they can be used in many places as listed on the website. In later parts of the trip, we used them and get pretty good discounts at Taipei 101 and The Mirama Ferris Wheel.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Update, Backdate (2)

Then on the 6th of December, evening, Mr Joo, after a whole afternoon of cooking and cooking. We were at.. THE BEACH! =)
Where all these happened...Watched the sky turn dark..

Then darkness came =)

Cake Time!!
Ah.. The moments =)

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Updates, backdate, updates!!

Ooookay, I missed out pictures of my birthday celebration with Ohana and Mr Joo.
Went out to dinner with Ohana @ Carnivores, great MEAT Joint. YUM =P
Grandma & Mr Joo enjoying their Booooze =)
Which ended up with my granny enjoying most of it..
My Parents
My Parents' Babies =D
Parents and their Babies =D
My parents and their mummy (Who's looking elsewhere)
Then we went SHOPPING!! For some things, fun, lovely, warm and
X' massie

Mr Monkey and Friends

And more SHOPPING =)Then to Toys 'R'Us to get Kor LEGO for his birthday!! =DWhere I turned Gandma into a Reindeer

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