Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Weekend

Happened last week:
Adelina's Birthday hangout:

Wednesday wen tout with my bestie to celebrate her birthday, we kinda started having this "Day to ourselves" thing since post secondary school, making sure that not matter what other celebrations we have with others, we will save an evening if not a day during the week of the birthday to hangout. Journey began by meeting up for lunch. This year'sa little different, actually, a BIG GREEN difference, cos Mr Joo came to luch with us and since Adelina allowed it, I have no complains.

After lunch, Mr Joo left for home while Adelina and I waddled to the National Museum Singapore to soak up DA' Vibe... Arty Farty Vibe that is. 'Christian Lacroix the costumier' was in town and that was the one we visited.

Touring the museum, we saw some... Bouncing, Swaying... Very trippy to watch Chendaliers

Trippy Chandeliers at the museum -

Bought her a gorgeous gorgeous bouquet with A single Cabbage Rose and 10 Ranunculus on the side,
symbolising our 11 years together and how she's my one and only. hahaa.. so sweet right.. we should be in a relationship.. but that'll be SICK.. so yeah.. get that image outta your head right now.. thank you.
Friday, 24th of April:
2 years ago, this date, I said yes at the airport, held my tears, called my cousin and cried while laughing. And Mr Joo, this date, same moment, he asked, smiled and went though the gates, hopped on a flight and flew to Australia for his army training. Men... what great timing to pop the question.
Yes laaa... It's THE day we got together, the so-called DAY of my life.. haha.. Night actually.. Almost at 9:30pm.
Time flies, we went though soooo much together, soo much, I'm ready for MOREEE.. haha, no one makes me smile the way he does and no one, really, no one has kept my heat beating for him as long as he has. Well done Mr Joo, you should be proud =)
Super sweet of him, he brought me sunflowers during my Intermediate class at the C.C. so yeap, had quite a few witnesses to my happiness =)
While I got him an umbrella, another one of his MUJI wants with a nice card.
After class, took a cab and went to where else, the airport to have dinner, the same one we had 2 years ago, Popeye's Chicken. Great times..

Watched CATS with Adelina and Yu Da

Yeap, the musical, the O' soo famous musical.
Is it good? Hmmmm.. I'd say it was a great experience, but I found myself sitting comfortably in my box seat, without hairstanding moments. But the casts had loads of interaction with the audience, like there were moments when I was literally less than a meter away from one of the "CATS" climbing on the box sides and audience areas.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Jappie goood movies

Watched a couple of japanese films these weeks, firstly 'Departures'.
Academy Award® Winner for Best Foreign Language Film of the year "Departures" is a delightful and sensitive journey into the heartland of Japan and an astonishingly beautiful look at a sacred part of Japan's cultural heritage.
A premiere symphony orchestra in Tokyo disbands, leaving Daigo Kobayashi (Masahiro Motoki) suddenly unemployed. With wife Mika (Ryoko Hirosue) in tow, he moves back to his home town in the northeastern prefecture of Yamagata. They move into the crumbling remains of his mother’s house, which doubled as the local pub.

Spotting a Help Wanted ad featuring the word “departures,” he is excited about the prospect of trying a new career in the travel industry. He arrives for the interview, curiously eyeing the coffins lining the back wall of the office. The company owner, Sasaki (Tsutomu Yamazaki), hires him on the spot, with only a cursory glance at his resume.
Daigo finally ventures to ask what is involved, exactly, and is stunned to learn what he has gotten himself into: the ceremonial “encoffination” of corpses prior to cremation. Sasaki urges him to take the job, proffering large amounts of cash. He’s getting older, and needs someone to carry on the tradition.

Too embarrassed to tell his wife about his conversation-stopping profession and admit that he has fallen in love with the townsfolk, Daigo vainly tries to keep his new life secret. As their relationship hangs in the balance, the big question is how he’s going to react to surprising news she brings, as an encoffineer, as a husband, as a son and as a human being. It is Daigo’s turn to deal with life and death among the people who are dearest to him.

A story of love, of discovery, of revelation and of the transcending human spirit, "Departures" will linger in your heart and mind long after viewing.

2nd Movie is "Detroit Metal City" and when I reveal what other leading characters the lead actor, some of you reading might be shocked.. absolutely SHOCKED.. hahahaa
Detroit Metal City (DMC) is a quickly rising independent Death Metal band. They garner fame by performing wild live shows and writing songs filled with hate, violence, and rape. The band is fronted by Sōichi Negishi who takes on the stage name Krauser II. On stage he is a wild-unchained beast. Off-stage he is a tranquil, tender-loving person who enjoys Swedish Pop music. He hates himself as Krauser and his two personalities collide making his private life very difficult.
Played by Ken'ichi Matsuyama, who is known better as "L".
Yes peeps, THE "L" of the "Death Note" movie series... here's the tranformation... =)
Yup, it's the same person, it's a really cute and relaxing show, go watch them both actually, both booming with japanese culture in absolutely different manners but totally worth the ka-ching. Enjoy!!!

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