Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happiness review

This morning, sitting in "good morning Chiang Mai", one of my favorite cafes here in the old city, I did a quiet review of my happiness.

Scrolling through Facebook posts of my peers, I find myself in a thankful position.

I don't have a significant other, which gives me the freedom to dream.

I don't have a high paying job, but it's enough for my comfort here in chiang Mai.

I have once again, returned to my passion. The ability to inspire others as much as they do me.

As I sit here on a Tuesday morning, I am thankful, for all that has unraveled thus far.

No, it hasn't always been easy or smooth, but it has rawked my boat and taught me, to breath and love through all situations, to find the best on the worst of days and moments. To appreciate.

28 years isn't too long, but it is to experience some of the most innocent of things, life has to offer.
And I'm
Glad that I have not grown up too much, to stop appreciating those things.
Even more blessed that there's no one to tell me otherwise.

Keep the currents rolling, life, your next wave, fuels my riding pleasure.