Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Okay... Last bittybit to my eventful week.. this's way overdue. Apologiezzz.

Alright.. On my Brithday, 6th December, Saturday. Something Freakascious happened... My Tribe, together with Lynette (My Ele Grrl) turned up at my place.. rampage!!!!! okay okay.. An account.

It was about 8AM and for the 1st time in my year 2008, I woke up ON TIME with Mr Joo. Haha.. Went on to washing and dressing up. And upon waking Mr Joo up at nearly 9, My dog started barking psycho at the door. Mr Joo went on to checking out what's going on, he then came back in and told me to go get it myself, the present confused him as it was a Heart shaped box.. haha... He thought perhaps an ex or something's soooo sweet to bring it over n ran off. (The grrls were in hiding)... Ding Dongs...
Yup.. went to get the door THEN...They came..Even my mum knew.. GAWD... This's gettin' out of hand!

Then there was CAKE!! PINK Cake!! Handmade by Nat.. thank you!!!

Then there was SONG...

Thank you grrls soooo much for a gorgeous birthday morning =) It's the best so far... And Nat for taking the rest of my day at the C.c =)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Back with Part 2

Helloooooo Singapore!! I'm back!! With a bag full of laziness. I'm sure many of you have realised I haven't gotten online nor have i been contactable since Saturday. Well, I AM TIRED!! haha.. Yeap, the trip was B.E.A.Utiful!! But pretty taxing. Will talk more about that later.

Now I'm back to talk about my eventful week.
Here's Part 2.

Well after my exam on Wednesday, we planned for a BBQ at Yi Xin's place later that evening and it was all fun =DFamily picture
Ah Qi being responsible mummy =)
We went in 2 seperate groups to do groceries as a few of my tribe members were with me at my exam. And I'm soo proud to say, everyone liked the wings I marinated!! Without mummy's help!! YAY!! haha.. Drama drama.

It was fun as Tweety Bird and Mr Joo(Dino) were both there and the fire starting process didn't take forever, which reminds me of my 2nd proudness, I actually played a pretty big part in starting the fire =) Not all prinzessie uselessNess okay.

Miss Jaslyn as LATE... gawd.. hahaha... both Jie Jies couldn't make the BBQ and Madonna was a bitty late too but that's cos she was informed last minute. But Jaslyn.. Jaslyn..!! You..!! But she brought two pals, one of them (the female) she called her Something Fat or Fat something of some sort.. and seriously, SHE WAS SKINNY as nothing okay!! See young peeps nowadays? Abit abit FAT... then what about ME!??!

Our night then ended with what I call 'War of the Marshmallows'. Very fun, very happy.
Went home with Mr Joo and tried to catch a good night's sleep, yeap, TRIED... Cos Thursday's a big day, as my tribe's coming over to my place =)

Met late morning at Causeway point to do some grocery shopping and yeap, knowing how retarded we can get, we decided to put baby Val in the shopping cart..hahaha
Afterwhich we took a bus back to my place and I cooked the rest of the day to keep the hungry growing ding dongs occupied. Having people over for like the 1st time, for a visit as made me realise that there is NOTHING entertaining in my house..haha.. The grrls ended up cuddling around my computer area watching movie on my tinyass computer screen. But yeah, food was good and all was good fun =)

Alright.. Now onto Friday, BIG day as the PINKIES are celebrating my brithday and the theme is.. What else? PINK! haha.. Everyone had to wear PINK to my mini party and the grrls made extra effort to make the drinks and food pink as well =)
Played Truth or Dare and thanks to mummy, Isabel's "Pole Dance" was a huge success =D
We made the HAPPENING couple do waltz.. Oh oh, in case you're wondering who's this lucky lad holding Kim Neo's heart, his name's Kenric. Yes yes, he's a ding dong too =)
My classic Cake Stabbin'

Yup, great Birthday, thank you grrls!!! Sooo much!! for everything PINK and all the Looooove and pressies!! You've filled me with happiness.

Do come back!! More surprises awaits me.. Or you, in that case =)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Goodbye Singapore!!!!

Helloooo Taiwan!!

Till 20th!!!
Much loooove!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Whine, warns & review

Now for mooore.... No No, not part 2 of my eventful week yet, been online every single day searching and typing and clicking for places to go in Taiwan. Tired...

1st things 1st, haven't slept very well for the last few days... The can't breath and dreaming thing's back.. gosh.. Gonna have to see a doctor soon, wouldn't wanna suffer in Taipei.

Countdown!!!! Just about another 36 hours to my BIRTHDAY!!! Yay!!! Going out for a mini celebration with my family today, sadly, they won't be able to make Saturday cos mummy or kor's got dinners to attend.. people..

My bestie sent me a rather oddball text message earlier yesterday and it goes:

This Friday don't carry too many bags.
One will do.
And don't carry heavy things.
Or you will regret.
weird i tell ya.. haha.. it's like one of those "I know what you did last night, come home now or..!!"
Messages... but yeap, gotta heed the advice and be a good kid tomorrow. =)
I miss Mr Joo, haven't seen him since Sunday..
Oh okay okay, I've realised there are people who actually read my blog, thus I'm gonna start doing some product reviews (As all that knows me knows I shop random online, or off)
And today I've got a body mist from Victoria's Secret. I know alot of young ladies must've realised the prompt sales of such items in places like Whatsons, In Q Box, Pandora's Box and such.. Even Lucky Plaza's got to selling em'. But after visiting shops that does, the bestest palce to purchase's still ONLINE. Yeap, I know I know... "How will I get to test smell the item??" Simple!! GO TO THE SHOPS!! Try them out and then purchase online, at least that was what I did as a student, not made of Moo-lah you know!!

Shops selling : S$25(Lucky Plaza, Whatsons) ~ S$30plus
Online( S$10~ S$18 (Depending on the popularity of the flavour)
Postage'll cost you what... S$1.50 to S$2? Still cheaper!! All in the comfort of your home sweet home.. Coolness I say.
Alright, here's the baby, It's a Limited Edition of the Victoria's Secret's Secret Garden Line.
'Vanilla Blackberry Bliss'
(Give me any "Berried" name and I'm so there)Alright, 1stly, take note of Picture 1 where the VANILLA word's birgger than any other on the fron tof the bottle's packaging. Yup, it's ALOT creamier in smell in comparisn to let's say the Black Raspberry Vanilla that hangs on my skin daily. BUT BUT BUT!! loads of you ladies who's used body splashes and mists before must have had the same problem at least when you 1st started out. It doesn't linger the way my Eu De Toilete does!! THIS ONE DOES!! haha.. the smell's rather strong, after my showers, one random spray's all it takes to linger till the next
Do not expect to smell like a gianormous fruity Blackberry.
As this baby lingers more like a Blackberry TART,
Creamier, fuller a tad more mature.
NOTE: Shopping online as it's pros and cons, make sure every single one of your questions are answered before purchase and be sure to read diligently to find out the ACTUAL status of the items NEW, NWOB (New With Out Box), NWOT (New With Out Tag), USED.
Don't ever rush online shopping, check back for better deals if you don't enjoy what's available.
Online shopping can be a blessing for deals and bums, keep it that way.

P.S. Being friendly and slightly sweet can get you discounts on postages and shipping!

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Evently week Pt.1

Been to too many blogs this couple of days then came realisation "Hmmmm... I haven't been updating mine!!" So here goes...

Been an eventful eventful week, let's begin with last Monday =)

No pictures for that but in short, SACPS had their 'Big Heart' Concert, in celebration of their 200 years of Canossian Institute. Found a vid on Youtube, thanks to one of our grrl Sara's sister, this is one of three shot dances Miss Penny choreoggraphed for the evening, also the opening piece of the celebration concert.
Performed by our P4 Ballet grrls

Nope, my day did not simply pass me by, it was also the 1st day of exams for my CSTD Majors bunch & I couldn't be there to support =(

The ladies however, made it to one anothers' exams over the next 3days, including mine!! Thank you!! =)

About 3/4 into my Monday, loads of Gel, lippies, Gel, hairtie.. Miss Gina, Miss Gina, Miss Gina later, few of my ladies, Zi Qi, Valerie and Regina went all the way from Qi's place after their little hangout session with the rest, to Heartland Mall @ Kovan and bought me my new favourite BBT from Cup Walker!! Yay!!! (Seriously I'm HOOKED)
Okay okay, enough about my obsession.. they then travelled all the way to PLMGSS to company the lonely me. Ahhh... you have no idea how it feels like holding to that cuppa happiNESSS!!!
Afterwhich we chat so through the performance... erm... yeah.. Miss Penny had purchased an extra ticket but....hahhaa.. sorry!!
Alright now... Tuesday
Went to work at SACPS, not quite like usual haha... I reckon after working under Miss Penny for so long, she's realised I'm not a morning person, thus on Monday evening after the performance, she told me that I didn't have to report early for work on this day, instead, I just had to turn up to teach the afternoon classes Hip Hipppie Hoooray!!
But yeap, blogging about this Tuesday cos it's special.. yes it is.. Cos the next day at 3.15pm is my majors exam!! my gaaaawd.. tell you..Not knowing your work well is the worst feeling just a day before stepping into the exam studio. Head home right after work and started prancing around the leisure area of my room (Not like it's Gianormous, thus for most of it, I was marking)
Good thing was Mr Joo and I have been planning for a trip to Taiwan and it's been nothing but empty talk, checking out flights and hotels and getting rejection on almost everything... Until THEN.... We went to the SIA website like any other day we would, the flight cost went down!! Just like that!! the sweet deal for 2 to go!! Yay!!! Plus we finally found this Jap designed hotel,(Hotel 73) although it's not near to XMT in Taipei or anything but it kinda fit my level of cleanliness and our budget & the overall Atasness we wanted for this trip and yesss... ROOMS WERE AVAILABLE!! YAY!! YAY!!!Yup, booked both flight and room, Taipei here we come!! One thing down, big day follows...
and this people.. is just the beginning to my short but fat list of Happiness over the next 24 hours =D
I got up early, by default , must have been the nerves that woke me, decided what the heck, started my journey to Tribal council.. Okay, for peeps who's been wondering what kinda madness is the whole tribe thingy about!? Here's it, long story really short, I began teaching my then CSTD Grade 6 grrls about a 1.5years ago and Mrs Simon came in and taught them their chracter dance and we thought it looked like a tribel dance thanks to all the prancing around and stuff.. thus the TRIBE. My RAD grrls are the PINKIES for now... you'll find out why later..
I cabbed down to Heartland Mall @ Kovan once again (Told you I was addicted), bought myself some good Ol' Pudding Milk Tea and just when I was leaving, got a call from TRIBE saying Adeline (My Ele grrl) had a bad sprain towards the end of her exam. Detoured to Cold Storage and bought a bag of Frozen peas (Frozen peas/Mix Veg are GREAT for icing injuries as they don't give froze bites) hopped on to another cab and off I went to Kallang P.A. where the majors exams are held yearly.
Half way there, got a text message from Miss Penny saying she's got excellent news.. I thought gosh.. the RAD results are in!!! And yess.. I was RIGHT.. She calmly said "Gina, your grrls did great" and in my pea brain head I was thinking Great =.. THere are failures but good passing rate. Then came HEAVEN... Actually part of the class hasn't heard of the news yet.. haha.. but yeap, here's the conversation:
Miss Penny: Gina, your grrls did great.
Me: Pea Brain thoughts....
Miss Penny "They ALL PASSED!!!!"
Me out loud: OOO MY GOD!!!!
Miss Penny: Gina!! Congratulations!!! Both our dreams!! You made my dream come true!!
Me: Oooo My God!!! *Then I cried.. No really CRIED**
I thanked her and thanked her and thanked her.. she thanked me, i thanked her somemore.
All in all, Shoutout to my Beloved RADs, YOU'VE DONE SUPERB!! Thanks for believing in me and going through hell for the one year!!!
No one thought they'd pass, even Miss Penny when a year ago, I posted the challenge of sending majority of the class to their majors exam. We've done it!! YAY YAY!!!
Hardwork paid off really.. Oh..
Turned up at my exam eyes still wet from happiness. Did my warmup, chat with my grrls, as I was going in with 3 others I didn't know, it was kinda stressful, cos if my memory does fail me in the midst of it all, no one'll be there to back my brain up.. Luckily I had a few of my grrls there to calm my nerves mefore I went in.. =)
And yeap, Next bestest thingy happened, I remembered every exercise the way they should be ( or at least the way I taught them) and for the very 1st time, I did my dance fullout with zero mistakes and full blown smiley faced. Got all the free enchainements she'd given.
Well Done me!!
I could tell by the 3rd exercise at the Barre she didn't quite like me as she hardly looked at me. One of the other 3 grrls was skinny and had like the ballet look you know.. yup. felt neglected..
But I did my very best ad I reckon I did pretty well, considering the limited no. of hours I clock actually physically going through that blooody long syllabus.
Erm.. that's actually not the end of my week, I'm at Wednesday yeah? Will continue tomorrow =) It just keeps gettin' better.. Do check back!! As following entries will have loads more picstures and less typing boringness =)

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